A chat on Cruise Radio with Doug Parker

Early August 2020, I had the pleasure of chatting on the phone with Doug Parker, the host and producer of Cruise Radio. Cruise Radio is based in Jacksonville, FL. Outside the studio, Doug Parker takes Cruise Radio out into the field, or should I say “out on the waves”, traveling the world and gathering meaningful and valuable information on the forever evolving cruise industry. For nearly half an hour, Doug Parker and I spoke in depth about the cruise lines resuming service in November. The cruise lines halted service mid-March due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Further elaborating on that, Doug took the time to ask me some pointed questions in regards to life behind the scenes at a cruise terminal. Not everyone gets to see what happens behind the curtain. For all cruisers, both novice and veteran alike, this is the perfect opportunity to listen in and get some key pointers from a veteran pier agent. Below is the link to our conversation. Feel free to visit CruiseRadio.net to listen in on Doug Parker and his previous podcast sessions. 

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