Amtrak Guest Rewards updates amidst Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has taken a massive toll on the travel industry. The cruise lines have been on pause, aiming to resume service in October. The airlines are slowly making a comeback, filling airplanes to full capacity. Amtrak is aiming to do the very same thing. There is simply no better way to travel than by train, and leaving it to the fine professionals at Amtrak to get Americans to their destination in style. Ok, so face coverings are kind of the new style in the world of travel. When it comes to real style, Amtrak Guest Rewards adds just that to traveling. During these challenging times, Amtrak Guest Rewards has made some updates to its fine loyalty program to reward their patronage and patience. Amtrak Guest Rewards has added some new perks for members to take advantage of, plus lessening the restrictions which the travel field has imposed on travelers across the board. How far did Amtrak Guest Rewards go? Simply, they have gone the extra “mile”.

Points: Members deserve the points they have earned. To ensure that members have more time to accrue points and to keep their accounts active, Amtrak Guest Rewards is pausing the expiration of points through September 25, 2020. Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard cardholders’ points will not expire as long as their account is open. Now, how’s that for riding the friendly rails? The Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard is the credit card that all members should have in their wallets; a credit card which all members should use for purchasing their tickets. The more members can spend, the more points they earn towards a free trip. At Amtrak Guest Rewards, all points matter. During the Coronavirus conflict, it’s vital that all members stock up on points, while awaiting their upcoming journey. When the Coronavirus is over, members will have more than enough points than the total amount of social distance kept to date.

Tier status: For members with tier status, current status will be extended for an additional year, through February 28, 2022. Amtrak Guest Rewards is well-aware that tier status is important to its members and have made this update so that they don’t need to worry about losing their benefits. No action is needed. Members’ status will be automatically extended. Why should members lose out on their status during such an unprecedented health crisis? Status is earned; never lost. It’s only fair that loyal members be recognized for their patronage, and never have to sacrifice a cent for it.

Lounge access: Some travel is essential. With that in mind, Amtrak Guest Rewards is extending lounge access to additional Amtrak Guest Rewards members. Amtrak Guest Rewards World Mastercard holders have lounge access through August 31, 2020. What lounges are these? Members are granted access to the Club Acela Lounge and the Metropolitan Lounge at major Amtrak stations. When members arrive, they can simply show the lounge attendant their Amtrak Guest Rewards World Mastercard and their same-day Amtrak reservation for entry. Simple, right? It’s as easy as yelling “All aboard!”. Upon arrival, members should advise the lounge attendant of their Select status and their Amtrak reservation for entry.

Flexibility: Everyone deserves a bit of flexibility when traveling! Amtrak and Amtrak Guest Rewards are waiving change fees on all existing or new reservations made before August 31, 2020, including reservations booked with points, so members can book their future journeys with confidence knowing that their reservations are flexible. There is nothing like flexibility when riding the rails. The airlines, hotels, and all other travel related industries are known for imposing fees to change reservations, and even charging additional fees for last minute cancellations. Here and everywhere, travelers have been met with restrictions on top of restrictions. At Amtrak Guest Rewards, flexibility is good. Flexibility is the name of the game. Traveling should be and has always meant to be stress-free, and flexibility adds that special hora to the experience.

There is no better way to travel than riding the rails on board Amtrak. There has never been a better way to earn points and feel like a VIP, being an Amtrak Guest Rewards member. Amtrak Guest Rewards is making life on and off the rails simpler and all the more enjoyable during these challenging times. The Coronavirus doesn’t have to impede the lives of travelers. During these challenging times, travelers have the ability to take back what Coronavirus has attempted to take away from them. Members can keep their points active, maintain their membership status, and are granted extended access to lounges in major stations. At best, members are entitled to the flexibility they deserve when riding the rails. Amtrak Guest Rewards is among the finest passenger loyalty programs in the industry. It’s where points matter, where flexibility reigns supreme, and squarely-where the journey begins.

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