Traveling by train is the most convenient way to reach any destination. Minus the stress of going through airport security, it is simply the greatest way to go. Unfortunately, the entire travel industry has been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. The airlines have temporarily cut flights, the cruise lines have suspended sailings until mid-May, and Amtrak is running on a reduced schedule. Further, popular points of interest near and far have closed down until further notice. Yes, it’s all going to come back to life, and Amtrak will once again return to full service nationwide. Once the Coronavirus is gone and in the rear view mirror, what will passengers expect when they board an Amtrak train in the near future?

First, every train journey begins at the station. Passengers should expect to see hand sanitizing gel stations at all stations. Train stations see thousands of people on a daily basis. To avoid tracking germs, passengers should thoroughly sanitize their hands. If passengers use the restrooms, they must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before proceeding to the platform. Passenger must note that hand sanitizing gel does not substitute the washing of hands. Predominantly, passengers should have their own bottle of hand sanitizing gel and a small container of sanitary wipes in their carry-on baggage.

While on the platform, passengers should avoid contact with anyone they’re not familiar with. The homeless, particularly, make an appearance at major stations. For all passengers, they can be a menace. Passengers should avoid them at all costs. Their behavior can be both inappropriate and unsanitary. If passengers should have any encounter with the homeless, they MUST alert Amtrak police at 1-800-331-0008.

The best part of any journey on Amtrak, of course, being on board the train. Once passengers have boarded the train and located their seats, they should take out their sanitary wipes and thoroughly wipe down the seat. Plus, they should wipe down the seat tray table. Using hand sanitizing gel and/or sanitary wipes while on board for hygienic and safety reasons goes a long way.

The on-board crew on any Amtrak train are true professionals. During these tough times with the Coronavirus outbreak, Amtrak crew members have been putting themselves in harms way to serve passengers with the utmost courtesy. It is the responsibility of the crew members to ensure the passengers’ safety. From the time they step aboard, to the time they disembark, the passengers’ safety ‘rides’ on their shoulders. On all trains, Amtrak has en route cleaners. The en route cleaners are in charge of keeping the restrooms and all on-board facilities in spotless condition. From keeping restrooms clean to discarding passengers’ trash, en route cleaners are the real heroes on the rails. Passengers are encouraged to commend the en route cleaners on the thankless job they do day-in and day-out. When the train reaches its final destination, the en route cleaners will make sure all trash is collected from the seats. Further, they’re responsible for clean all surfaces and windows. Passengers love to rest their heads on the windows while catching their beauty sleep. Once the train is clean and spotless, the train is ready to be turned around and run again-as if no one was on board.

The Coronavirus has taken a toll on the travel industry, and Amtrak in particular. Amtrak’s trains are running on a reduced schedule, with some routes suspended until further notice. Regardless of the circumstances, Amtrak is still a safe and convenient way to travel both short and long-distance. No passengers should shy away from traveling on any Amtrak train in the wake of the Coronavirus. Amtrak provides great service with the finest professionals. Without its crew members, including the conductors and en route cleaners, the trains do not run. Nonetheless, the passengers should do their part to make sure they reach their destination safely. On board all Amtrak trains, a healthy and safe journey ‘rides’ on everyone.

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