Budget travel lecture underway!

Everyone enjoys getting away at some time, right? Whether it’s for a special occasion or getting away from the bitter cold winter weather, getting away for a week is a must. But, what if travelers have a strict budget? What if it’s a destination that travelers desperately dream about packing their bags for? What if it’s a mode of travel which they want to use without breaking the bank? Budget travel is indeed a popular topic that concerns millions nowadays. Budget travel doesn’t have to be so bothersome. Honestly, budget travel isn’t so stressful and difficult. There are plenty of options for travelers to consider when traveling anywhere. Further, there are means of travel that do feature budget-friendly choices. A new travel lecture is coming out this coming new year about budget travel. It’s one that will open new doors for avid travelers. With this new lecture, budget travel will be a positive experience, instead of a “going for broke” adventure.

What will this new budget travel lecture be about? What will be covered? What will attendees be taking home from it? There will be plenty of positives which attendees will get out of this new presentation. It all begins with hotels. Hotel booking sites are a viable resource for shopping for hotels without breaking the bank. Booking.com, Trivago, and Hotels.com are great sites to compare rates, and decide which hotels are budget-friendly. Booking websites are a great resource, but travelers must beware. Travelers must be 100% sure of the dates they want to stay at a certain hotel, especially if there’s a prepaid reservation. Without a doubt, this budget travel lecture will feature information about hotels. Choosing the right hotels are the key deciding factor in budget travel. Besides, who stays in their hotel room all day long? That’s the main purpose of paying budget-friendly rates.

What about traveling by train? Isn’t Amtrak expensive to travel on? Yes, and NO! Amtrak may be pricey, but Amtrak does provide a low fare option for travelers on a fixed budget. On Amtrak.com, Amtrak features a choice of five fare options: Saver, Value, Flexible, Business, and Premium. Saver and Premium are the 2 cheapest fare choices. For instance, a party of two adults can travel from Newark, NJ to Boston on a Saver fare total of $276.00 round-trip. Amtrak, without a doubt, is budget-friendly. Amtrak also offers discounts for senior citizens, active military, military children, and college student discounts, making their journey all the more cheaper. Regarding overnight travel, Amtrak offers an incentive. Travelers who purchase a sleeping car accommodation get their on-board dining included.

Budget travel gets even more exciting when it comes to traveling to Walt Disney World. Travelers don’t have to chew their nails when they see the nightly rates at the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, or the Animal Kingdom Lodge. They are deluxe resorts. Travelers, specifically families, can opt to stay at the value resorts-resorts that cost an average $100.00 per night, vs. $300.00 and more per night at a deluxe resort. Value resorts include the Art of Animation Resort, Pop Century Resort, and the three All-Star Resorts (All-Star Sports, All-star Movies, and All-Star Music). Further, they provided budget-friendly dining choices including a food court and pizza delivery. The hotels in the Disney Springs area and outside the Walt Disney World property are also a great option. The Orlando World Center Marriott make the perfect example. It’s easy to see how Disney is not just family-friendly, it’s also budget-friendly. Being budget-friendly is what Disney does best. The Walt Disney World Swan and Walt Disney World Dolphin are owned by Marriott, making a hotel stay a lot more cheaper vs. a Disney resort. With or without deep pockets, a family’s dreams of a memorable Walt Disney World vacation can come true.

Traveling on a budget, can be extremely complicated. Budget travel doesn’t have to be difficult at all. It’s actually more sophisticated, rather than complicated. Not being forced to spend a whole lot of money is indeed a good thing. Hotel booking sites make decision making all the more simpler, as long as travelers are 100% sure they they’re staying at whichever hotel they desire. Amtrak and Walt Disney World are also budget-friendly. These are just a handful of key topics which will be covered in this brand new, simple, and informative presentation. The travel lecture, “Budget travel: Less money, more memories”, will make its debut in January 2020.

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