Introducing a workshop: The Writer’s Journey

Since 2011, I have enjoyed every moment of being a travel writer. Being a travel writer has allowed me to open new doors, explore new avenues, and break through barriers. Having been a travel lecturer since 2015, I have been blessed with the opportunity in bringing my work to life and sharing my travel experience with the public. My travel lectures have been well-received at libraries throughout the northeastern United States. In addition to my travel lectures, I felt it was paramount to reach out further and help other aspiring writers achieve their goals. Without delay, I broke ground on a brand new program-a workshop to enable teenagers, young adults, and older adults alike in doing just that. It will be more than just a workshop, but a journey well worth-it.

Writing is something we all do. We all write for a purpose. We write for fun and pleasure, and for profit. Further, we write as a form of expression and a way of relieving stress. Writing comes in a multitude of styles-poetry, short stories, essays, and articles on various topics. That’s all true. However, many aren’t so comfortable with the process in becoming not just good writers, but proficient writers. Everyone wants to be good at something, right? Becoming a proficient writer is not an easy process. Honestly, it’s more than a process. It’s an experience. Little do people know, young people especially, that they’re better writers than they think they are. That’s what “The Writer’s Journey” is all about. It will be a workshop which will allow aspiring writers to better appreciate not just their style of writing, but their writing talents as well.

What will “The Writer’s Journey” entail? At local venues, the workshop will be given in a series of five sessions, one each week. At venues outside northern New Jersey, the workshop will be given in two sessions, so that participants can get gain the most in a short period of time. The program will begin with an ice breaker, which participants will share what areas they enjoy reading and writing about. The second ice breaker is a bit more challenging. Participants will need to dig deeper and share what tips, tools, and takeaways they want to take from attending the workshop. “The Writer’s Journey” will serve as a retreat for aspiring writers to discover the special touch that they hope to bring to their writing. Writing is like cooking. There are many ingredients which make a dish tasty, promising, and satisfying. Everyone’s writing style and talents all have those ingredients. “The Writer’s Journey” will enable writers to discover what makes those ingredients and their writing style so unique, through the basis of practice, sharing, and listening.

“The Writer’s Journey” has a straight forward overview. Each session of the workshop will have its objectives. There will be materials implemented, including a short PowerPoint presentation, activities, and writing narratives about photographs. Further, the workshop will entail weekly projects, including articles, poems, skits, etc. Isn’t this workshop beginning to look exciting? During this workshop, the energy level will be gradually developing. Writers need to feel encouraged and motivated. There will be plenty of encouragement and motivation to go around. After one session, the cob webs will be gone. After two sessions, the confidence and determination are increasingly growing. Having attended all sessions, participants will all see the big picture. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants’ writing talents are sure to shine brightly.

There can’t be a better program than “The Writer’s Journey”. It’s uniqueness and validity will be among its top qualities. Unlike other writing programs, “The Writer’s Journey” will provide writers with the right tools to get on the path to success. What is that success? Writers’ success is measured in whatever they want their writing talent to lead them to. Depending on the positives participants take home from attending, the sky is the limit. It is what participants make of the workshop which will lead them to becoming the best writers they wish to be. Becoming a solid writer takes great heart and practice. “The Writer’s Journey” will give participants more than just practice. It will provide them the compass on their journey to unforeseen success.

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