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In December 2013, I (David Kriso) started a new chapter in my journey as a writer. From there, I was able to write stories about my travel experiences, articles featuring travel tips, and promo articles on new travel presentations. Every time I created a new presentation, I wrote an promo article telling what was going to be covered and what was going to be expected. It’s all been good. It’s now 2020, we’re in the midst of a horrible virus crisis, and I couldn’t help but come up with an even more exciting new website to complement

Late this Spring, my brother Stephen strongly suggested that I have a more definitive website, a website that would feature more than just articles. I agreed that it’s time to have a website that appropriately markets my background, experience, and services. The new website needs no technical introduction. The new website will be

What will be like? Specifically, what will be its sole purpose? Rather than just a website that features plain articles with feature images, will be far more professional. will still remain active, however, it will be linked to will feature the backstory about my writing and travel lecturing, my philosophy, and more importantly-my “Why =” factor. What’s the “Why =” factor? In other words, why did I decide to do something like this? Also, for what specific purpose did I choose to take this action? Ultimately, what makes me unique? What sets me apart from the other guy on the street? Respectfully, why should anyone hire me versus some other person who provides the same exact services? will clearly spell it all out. Like on all websites, my social media outlets will be listed on

By visiting, clients and venues can fill out the contact form if they’re interested in booking one of my travel lectures, hire me for a writing venture, hire me for a writing coach session, and best of all-hire me to organize a travel destination party themed to any one of my travel presentations. By filling out the contact form, they won’t have to worry about searching out my email address or looking for me on the street. With a more definitive website, clients and venues will have a clearer perspective of my background and experience. Precisely, the new website will bring my background and experience into the spotlight, a spotlight which couldn’t achieve all that easily. is expected to go live before the end of the summer. Whether looking to book a travel presentation, hire me to write a story, do a writing coach lesson, or planning a one-of-a-kind travel destination party, will be the tool to make that happen. Every new website is always ten times better than the last. With a new website, newer and better result are on the horizon. is the new website that will bring out the very best of my passion for traveling, writing, speaking, and bringing a favorite destination one’s home. 

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