Now with the Coronavirus vaccines being distributed, one can notice the cruise line advertisements on TV. Not just on TV, but advertisements are appearing everywhere in the mail. Cruise lines including Norwegian Cruise Line are throwing publicizing deal on top of deal. Who hasn’t seen or heard about that? It’s all good. Oceania Cruises, owned by Norwegian, just announced that its 2023 Around the World Cruise sold out in a single day. That says a whole lot about the excitement of the Coronavirus pandemic nearing its end. Of course there is plenty of excitement going around about the cruise lines restarting. However, the CDC finally came out of the mist and announced that all guests must wear masks while on board. Who knows whether masks will really be needed when the cruise lines restart! As the excitement and anticipation continues to grow, here is the ultimate cruise wish list for all guests.

5) Zero Coronavirus cases: Ok, this may be jumping the gun, but who knows! A short while back, it was announced on the news that vaccinations were outnumbering Coronavirus cases 10 to 1. How’s that for great news! There’s plenty more great news to come. Who knows how much better things will turn out in the coming weeks! By May or even June, there could be zero Coronvirus cases to speak of. Anything’s possible!

4) All guests are truthful on the health questionnaire: Each and every sailing day, regardless of cruise line or ship, sailing day is the day all guests look forward to. It’s day 1 of their cruise vacation. During the check-in process, guests have to fill out the health questionnaire. The health questionnaire asks those well-known questions-1) Has anyone present had any flu-like symptoms including chills, fever, cold, or sore throat? and 2) Has anyone present experienced diarrhea or vomiting? There’s also the question for women if they’re pregnant. If yes, they must specify how many months. Answering “yes” to any of those questions may be the tell-tale of whether a guest will or will not be allowed to sail. That’s true! Very often on the health questionnaire, guests are heard whispering “Whatever you do, say no!”. Saying “No” when they actually mean “Yes” could spell trouble later on during the cruise. It is paramount that all guests are 100% truthful when answering the questions on the health questionnaire. How amazing it would be if EVERYONE was truthful filling out the health questionnaire! Wishful thinking, right? If guests would be respectful of each other by being honest on the health questionnaire, it would certainly make the world a difference.

3) All guests sanitize themselves: Wow, this would be a great sight to see! Before entering any public spaces onboard ship, including the main dining room, the buffet, cafes, lounges, casino, and spa, guests are to sanitize themselves before getting comfortable. This is not new! Post-Coronavirus, the need to sanitize is a routine that all guests must adapt to for all time sake. It is paramount that this be done every time, all the time. Guests who do not sanitize themselves can lead to flu outbreaks. Guests not sanitizing has often lead to the outbreak of Norovirus. Norovirus is the infamous gastrointestinal condition which causes onboard staff to step into high gear, cleaning every square inch of the ship. The infected guests’ clothes and bed linens must also be specially laundered. It is NOT a pleasant situation. Their luggage is also wrapped in cellophane plastic. Having a Coronavirus outbreak onboard ship is the last thing onboard staff would want on their conscience. How wonderful it would be if on each and every cruise, all guests sanitize themselves! Wishful thinking again, right? As mentioned before, sanitizing is the difference maker between guests being healthy all cruise long versus being evacuated due to coming down seriously ill. All onboard staff members would be jumping for joy if all guests sanitize themselves. How amazing any cruise would be!

2) All guests show proper eating habits: This is the one matter which dining staff and all guests dread on any cruise. There are some guests out there who eat like absolute gluttons, like they have never seen food before. There are situations where guests go to the buffet, and fill their plates sky high, almost like they’re making a buffet out of the buffet. Fellow guests have to look on and watch this unpleasant behavior. Meanwhile, they must be saying, “Have some pasta with your Parmesan cheese!” or “Have some ice cream with your sprinkles!”. Just because it’s a cruise vacation, it doesn’t mean that proper eating habits don’t apply. Improper eating habits can lead to numerous onboard health hazards. It does happen! Exhibiting proper eating habits on any cruise vacation is the proper behavior moving forward. One can imagine if all guests onboard ship showed proper eating habits every single day, week-in and week-out. How awesome would that be! Wishful thinking? Not really, but it is a matter for all guests to take seriously. Exhibiting proper eating habits makes any cruise vacation pleasurable for all guests and crew. If proper eating habits are taught at home, they too should be shown onboard ship.

1) The CDC leaves the cruise lines alone: If there isn’t any federal agency that has failed the travel industry nationwide, it’s the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Time and again, the CDC has taken center stage, providing guidance to just about every industry during the Coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to the cruise lines, the CDC ignored them time and again. Back in March, the Coronavirus spread quickly onboard Holland America’s ships and onboard the Diamond Princess. The cruise lines were issued a “no sail order”. After halting operations, the CDC didn’t say a single word with regards to guidelines once cruise lines restart.  Since the summer, the cruise lines were forced to wait for the CDC to make a decision on whether or not they can restart. If yes, what protocols would be rendered? To this day, the cruise lines have lost over 12 billion dollars. Twelve billion dollars is a massive loss, of course, and the CDC making the cruise lines wait even longer is more money lost. Worst of all, it’s even more dream vacations gone out the window. So, the CDC will finally get their act together and potentially leave the cruise lines alone. Wishful thinking indeed! But, once Coronavirus is in the rear view mirror, no one will want to hear the letters “CDC” ever again.

It’s five months to go until summer 2021. Summer 2021, all cruisers should mark their calendars. Summer 2021 will be the most awaited time for the traveling public. By then, Disney theme parks, beaches, popular tourist attractions, and last but not least-the cruise lines will be welcoming back their valued guests. It’s been a long time since March 2020, when the world stopped. No avid traveler, particularly nor any avid cruiser will want to remember 2020 and much of 2021-having not cruised. When the Coronavirus pandemic finally ends, all travelers will be hopeful that the number of Coronavirus cases hits zero. Yes, it’ll be a miracle to see that all guests are 100% truthful while filling out the health questionnaire. When the pandemic is over, all guests should never forget to sanitize each and every time in all onboard public spaces. Just like home, all guests alike should be expected to exhibit the proper eating habits. With regards to the CDC, all cruisers sure hope they’ve enjoyed their beauty sleep. When the pandemic is officially over, they’ll get it-the cruise lines have blatantly had it with them. Cruising time is not the bureaucrats’ time to start playing games with cruisers’ hard-earned money. Cruising time is a time of celebration; a time of rejuvenation; and last but not least-a time of reflection. Hopefully all cruisers will be sending the CDC postcards, extending a friendly “Wish you were here!”.  


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