The Amtrak store, satisfying every traveler’s wish list

With a vaccine approaching to potentially put an end to the Coronavirus era, it’s once again the time to think positively. With due respect, it’s the holiday season once again. With the holidays finally here, it’s time to put the negativity the Coronavirus has bestowed upon the country. Amtrak cannot wait to welcome its avid riders back on board. Being locked up at home and trying to slow the spread of the virus has done nothing but add the desire of returning to the rails. Before returning to the rails, there is a list of must-haves on every Amtrak rider’s holiday wish list. Whether it’s for enhancing a rider’s on board experience, everyday travel needs, giving the gift of travel, or passing the love of train travel on to the little ones, the Amtrak store has something unique for everyone. With this holiday wish list, no Amtrak rider will ever leave for the station empty-handed.

5) Apparel: What is being an avid Amtrak traveler without having the proper gear? No Amtrak traveler goes to work without the need to dress to impress. New for 2020, the Amtrak store features the Amtrak Custom Tie. This is a true must-have on every Amtrak fan’s wish list. The famous pointless arrow logo has been stylized to run up this necktie reminiscent of Amtrak’s early years. The current Amtrak logo is at the bottom. It is a must-have for all Amtrak fans and business travelers alike. Also new for 2020 is the Amtrak Ugly Christmas Sweater. A must for any hardworking employee or Amtrak fan, this terribly awesome ugly sweater is sure to be the star of any holiday wardrobe. Amtrak logos adorn the sleeves. The front text reads: “Amtrak with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?”. It depicts Santa himself being hauled by none other than an Amtrak P42 locomotive. This high quality 100% knit sweater has a woven-in design with ribbed cuffs and collar.

4) Headwear: What is any trip aboard an Amtrak train without sporting the right headwear? Who said the year 2020 was a tough one? For the year 2020, the Amtrak store proudly features two new caps for most avid of Amtrak fans. The third item on the Amtrak traveler’s holiday wish list is the 4075 Series Cap. The moisture-wicking, UV-coated, 100% polyester honeycomb knit cap features a fabric strap with a hook-and-loop closure. It also features a performance mesh sweatband. The Amtrak logo is embroidered on the front. In addition to this cool cap is the Structured Trucker Cap. This lightweight 100% brushed cotton twill cap features polyester trucker mesh sides and back, along with contrast visor stitching. Two fabric straps are on the side and back panels. The Amtrak logo is shown proudly on the front. Even better, it’s Navy Blue!

3) 2021 Calendar: Nearing the end of the year 2020 can’t be more relieving. The year 2021 holds much hope for bigger and better things. So does the 24″ 2021 Calendar! This is one of the best gifts on the Amtrak store yet. This full-year matte paper calendar proudly shows January to December, complete with photos of the dedicated employees of America’s railroad. For anyone counting down to their first train journey since the Coronavirus pandemic began, having an Amtrak calendar of this type is sure to add enthusiasm to the occasion. Yes, the year 2020 has been a dumpster fire. The year 2021 will be a far brighter year. The year 2021 shows clear tracks ahead. Further, the year 2021 will bring much “light at the end of the tunnel”.

2) Gifts: Among the new and exciting gifts in the Amtrak store is the Pillow Blanket In 1. This charcoal color, 100% cotton travel blanket folds into a pocket to create a pillow. The pocket doubles as a foot warmer when the blanket is in use. Further, it features a back trolley strap. For those looking forward to returning to the beach, having skipped the summer of 2020, the Quilted 24 Can Event Cooler is just the perfect addition to the beach gear. This is the perfect gift for anyone who often rides the train to the beach. It is the gift of gifts! This quilted, 210-denier polyester cooler sports cooler features an insulated PEVA lining and a zip top opening. It conveniently folds flat for storage.

1) Gift card: Stumped on gifts? The Amtrak store can help. At the Amtrak store, holiday shoppers can pick up an Amtrak gift card for the budding adventurer to jump-start their trip or help frequent travelers check destinations off their list. The Amtrak gift card is ideal for encouraging a favorite travel buddy or adding it to anyone’s own wish list. At best, it’s the perfect “Ah-ha moment” to drop a hint to friends and family. What’s so amazing about the Amtrak gift card? There are plenty of advantages to purchasing one. A shopper can choose a value up to $500.00. There are no fees! They NEVER expire! They can be emailed or sent through the mail. They can be redeemed online, via the Amtrak app, over the phone, or even at the station ticket window. However, the Amtrak gift card cannot be used for on board purchases (i.e. cafe car). The Amtrak gift card can also be found on the gift card racks at supermarkets, including Shop Rite and Stop N Shop. With the Amtrak gift card, the avid train traveler’s wish list is complete. 

Despite the sadness, anguish, and uncertainty that the Coronavirus has brought upon the country and to the travel industry in particular, the holiday season brings a whole new feeling. With the holiday season upon us, much promise is on the horizon. A promising gift is coming shortly…a vaccine! Even better, the Amtrak store has new and exciting gifts for the avid Amtrak fan. The avid Amtrak traveler is sure to have a long wish list. Whether for impressing colleagues, gearing up for the beach, looking for ideal travel necessities, or giving the gift of Amtrak travel, the Amtrak store has all train travelers covered. If there is any friend or family relative who is looking for that ultimate train journey, or is in need of some cool gear to complement the journey ahead, the Amtrak store is the hands-down, go-to place for answers. There are never enough gifts for the avid Amtrak traveler. All that any curious holiday shopper needs to do is visit “One-track” minded shoppers are welcome!

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