Yes, the New Jersey Shore is calling once again and the summer is just around the corner. The New Jersey Shore area is home to some of the most well-known points of interest. From popular beaches, to boardwalks, to Saltwater Taffy, to funnel cakes, to the casinos of Atlantic City; it’s all waiting. The Coronavirus has cast a blanket of uncertainty over whether or not this coming summer 2020 will have the same level of excitement that the New Jersey Shore is synonymous with. With the possibility of the Coronavirus fading into the rear view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the summer and learn how to enjoy the summer in a healthy, cautious, and safe manner.

At #5, Use sun tan lotion! This is the most preached golden rule in the summer rule book. Without protection, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can reek havoc on the skin. For those who recovered from the Coronavirus, caution should be taken. Anyone with underlying skin conditions MUST lather up on a regular basis. Beach and pool goers must use a sun tan lotion with a SBF of at least 30 to keep well-protected. Commit the following rhyme to memory: Too much sun, you’re done!

#4, Use insect repellent! Mosquitoes have been known for carrying diseases, such as Zika, West Nile, and EEE. EEE was a mosquito-carried disease that reeked much havoc in Southern New England in the mid-1990s. On humid days at the New Jersey Shore, mosquitoes are a significant concern. Recent Coronavirus patients may-may not have a strong immunity to mosquito bites and the potential diseases they may carry. Applying insect repellent on the legs and feet, and even on the arms is the best protection from all insect bites.

#3 is one of the oldest tips in the book. At all times, use a buddy system! Whether visiting a theme park, beach, or pool, nobody should go anywhere alone. All summer activities, especially those at the New Jersey Shore, are to be done in pairs. In the event of an emergency, a having a buddy (regardless of relationship) could be life saver all shore goers will be utmost thankful for.

#2 is paramount. Avoid horseplay at all times! During the summer, safety is the name of the game. Running roughshod around the pool, frolicking wildly in the ocean, or even tossing someone in the waves can have dangerous repercussions. Beach goers should observe all colored flags on the beach. Green means good swimming conditions. A yellow flag means to use caution, due to medium rip currents. A red flag means dangerous rip currents, and all should refrain from swimming. All beach and pool goers must be mindful of their surroundings and those around them. Being mindful of surroundings and being courteous to others ensures a good time for all.

The #1 tip towards enjoying the New Jersey Shore will make anybody chuckle, but it’s well worth the adventure. Swim au naturel! Of all epidemics, the body shaming epidemic is long gone. Whether at a designated beach area, lake, or in a backyard pool, swimming au naturel is the most healthy way to enjoy the water. Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach is the largest clothing optional beach in the northeastern United States. Over the years, the age demographic has changed. The age group has gotten younger and younger. Families, couples, high school and college students, and even middle-aged beach goers are enjoying Gunnison Beach. Aside from the New Jersey Shore, clothing optional clubs such as Goodland Country Club in Hackettstown, NJ, Sky Farm in Basking Ridge, NJ, and Rock Lodge Club in Stockholm, NJ, and Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA make exciting options. After all, the most comfortable suit of all is the skin one was born in. Yes, sun tan lotion is encouraged!

The summer is approaching rapidly. It may sound like a long way away, but time flies when having fun. The New Jersey Shore will soon be coming back to life, welcoming back the many thousands of beach and boardwalk goers. Those fun spinning wheel prize will be open for business. The 4th of July fireworks on the beach are not to be missed. The soft-serve ice cream parlors once again be attracting long lines. At the New Jersey Shore this summer, in the wake of the Coronavirus, everyone should take into the consideration the top 5 tips to a healthy and safe season. Sun tan lotion and insect repellent cannot be forgotten. Without question, a buddy system is greatly encouraged. All beach and pool goers should avoid horseplay. Lastly, all beach goers should take the adventurous approach and swim au naturel. Summer at the New Jersey Shore is not just a time of fun. It’s the time for exercising proper care and safety for the body and others. 

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