Travelers’ lucky seven New Year’s resolutions

With 2021 off to a flying start, it’s time to say “Good riddance!” to the challenging and troubled 2020. The travel industry was devastated, and worst, decimated by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronvirus vaccine is finally being distributed. Soon, the whole country and the entire world will be immune to this merciless disease. With 2021 underway, it’s a tradition for everyone to share their New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to do something better, or improve personally in some unique way. For the traveling public, there is no correct resolution for 2021. There are plenty of things which the traveling public can improve on. From railroad travel, to air travel, to cruising, or traveling on the highways, the list is endless. To ensure a successful, healthy, and brighter 2021, here are the travelers’ 2021 lucky seven New Year’s resolutions.

7) Breaking barriers: One way or another, travelers always make a valued effort in breaking barriers. How should travelers go about breaking barriers in 2021? When it comes to ringing in the year 2021, breaking barriers is among the best of New Year’s resolutions. Breaking barriers starts in one’s own back yard. When breaking barriers in traveling, one doesn’t have to visit a destination three thousand miles away. Travelers of all ages should look for a place they’ve never imagined going to. Going to a clothing optional beach, for instance, is among one of the top suggestions. Sandy Hook’s famous Gunnison Beach is family-oriented and ideal for the young crowd, too. It’s also a fun getaway for couples. Further, some of the best sandcastle artists can be found at Gunnison Beach. Adding to the fun, the water is terrific and the view of the New York City skyline and Verrazano Bridge on a clear day is truly incredible. In Miami, visitors cannot pass up famous Haulover Beach, Miami’s clothing optional beach. On the island of St. Maarten/Martin, Orient Beach is a must-visit clothing optional beach. It is a French twist on beach life, coupled with family fun. In 2022, the Bare-Necessities Tour & Travel Company will be hosting its 14-day clothing optional cruise aboard the Carnival Pride out of Tampa, FL. Ages 18 and older are welcome. Details are available at

6) Spending a little extra: Whether flying to Orlando, San Francisco, or Anchorage, AK, it’s best to go the extra mile by spending a little extra to make the journey as memorable as possible. When making airline reservations, travelers should not settle for coach class. Why? Spending a little extra makes the trip all the more special. After being forced to stay at home for an unprecedented amount of time, travelers should treat their journey like a coming out party. Why shouldn’t they? Eating at the airport is ok once in a while. Being pampered in first class the duration of the flight and being treated to filet mignon and a glass of fine wine is well worth the money. 2021 will be a year for going over and beyond. Spending a little extra is one of the great New Year’s resolutions. It will undoubtedly lead to making dream vacations a reality.

5) Living more curiously: There are some travelers who like to play it safe. There are travelers out there who like to keep things in between. In 2021, it’s time to be a bit more curious. Has anyone considered trying new foods or cocktails? For instance, the city of Buffalo is known for its famous Buffalo Wings. The famous Anchor Bar has been serving up the iconic food since 1964. Their sauces range from mild to XX Hot. In Washington, DC, Pizzeria Paradiso in the Dupont Circle neighborhood is known for the best coal-fired pizza in DC. It’s all about living more curiously and exploring cities more closely. When travelers live more curiously, they better appreciate the destination a whole lot more. Further, they give themselves something to look forward to again in the near future. Plus, living more curiously while traveling gives something more to write home about. It’s a postcard well worth writing and among travelers’ New Year’s resolutions worth committing to.

4) Cruising more often: No industry was hit harder by the Coronavirus pandemic than the cruise industry. Cruising is the one traveling experience that opens doors to millions of travelers worldwide. Whether it’s the Mediterranean calling, Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, or the pristine waters of the Caribbean, cruising makes any traveling experience more memorable than any form of transportation. Not only cruising more often is the remedy to not seeing enough of the world; it is the way to seeing the world more than enough. From unforgettable shore excursions, to the talented culinary artists on board ship, to the warm hospitality of the cruise director’s staff, it’s a picture-perfect travel experience well worth every dollar spent. Cruising more often opens doors. By the way, has anyone celebrated New Year’s on board a cruise ship? Ringing in the year 2022 will sure be a memory worth cherishing. Cruising more often is the way of pushing the envelope, and discovering the world from angles no one’s ever imagined. Above all, cruising more often is the ticket to adding memories to any family’s living room mantle.

3) Expanding comfort zones: This is not to be confused with New Year’s resolution #7. Yes, all travelers should look for ways to break barriers. That’s very true. The most important detail is how those barriers are broken. A question to all travelers: Where have they flown to that was the furthest from home? Japan? Hawaii? London? Rome? Breaking barriers is good when traveling, but going the distance is the “x factor”. It’s all about expanding comfort zones. Flying two and a half hours to Orlando, or flying five hours to San Diego is a fun flight for starters. Spending a little extra as said in #6, and taking the leap of faith in flying further than normal adds a significant level of determination to any traveler. Of all travelers’ New Year’s resolutions, expanding comfort zones makes traveling all the more educational. Ultimately, expanding comfort zones makes the life of a traveler all the more valuable.

2) Mouse over matter: Everyone’s heard the expression, “Mind over matter.”. In this situation, let there be new expression, “Mouse over matter.” “Mouse over matter.” may sound a little hokey, but it’s true. Anything Disney is an educational experience; an experience for the whole family to appreciate. No matter the distance, setting the goal of visiting every Disney resort around the globe is an accomplishment any family can dream of. As Walt once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. Walt Disney World is the #1 family destination in the entire world. Of course! Wait, what about all the other Disney resorts around the world? Why not experience Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA? The flight is only five hours, or whatever the flight time may be from anyone’s home airport. There is Disneyland-Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland-Paris, and Disneyland-Hong Kong. The Coronavirus left some scarring damage on Disney and its parks. But who should fear flying to a Disney resort they have never visited before? What does any avid Disney traveler have to lose? Remember, it’s “Mouse over matter.”.

1) Traveling by train more often: This is a tough New Year’s resolution to get across to anyone. For some, traveling by train more often is a walk in the park. Travelers often argue that driving and flying are the two better ways of going anywhere. It’s about time for many travelers to differ with that. There are travelers out there who are a lot more adventurous by riding the rails to their favorite destinations. Amtrak makes life easy! Yes, there are still travelers out there who haven’t tried taking the train to Washington, DC instead of flying. There are still many travelers out there who haven’t considered taking the train to Boston, rather than driving. The train ride to and from Boston on Amtrak is the utmost picturesque. Who would want to miss out on an experience like that? By the way, who hasn’t tried taking Amtrak to Kissimmee, FL to visit Walt Disney World, rather than flying to Orlando? To top things off, who hasn’t tried traveling cross-country on Amtrak? Riding in a sleeper car overnight, listening to the train’s horn, and listening to the clicking and clacking of wheels on rails rocking you to sleep is the experience of a lifetime. Traveling long-distance on Amtrak is breaking barriers, spending a little extra, and expanding comfort zones all rolled into one. Traveling by train more often is more than just a memorable traveling experience. Taking the train more often is the way 2021 is meant to be celebrated, one station at a time.

Another year has come and gone. 2020 was a year to be forgotten. Traveling plans were severely disrupted. Dreams of traveling cross-country were put to a screeching halt. Honeymoons were cancelled. It seemed that the whole entire world stopped. The Coronavirus robbed everyone of great experiences, long-awaited milestones, and Kodak moments galore. 2021 is finally here! The vaccines are finally being distributed. If all goes well and ahead of schedule, the traveling public can finally enjoy the world once again. With a new year underway, it is time to consider the travelers’ top lucky seven New Year’s resolutions. Let 2021 be a year of breaking barriers. Let 2021 be a year of spending a little extra to make any trip memorable. Let 2021 be a year of living more curiously rather than just riding on the bandwagon. In 2021, let’s make cruising more often be the ultimate way of enjoying the world while being entertained by the finest professionals in the industry. Let 2021 be a year of expanding comfort zones instead of refraining from pushing the envelope. 2021 will be a year that all Americans will be traveling by train more often, rather than being asked to remove their shoes at the airport. It’s time for travelers to enjoy the Amtrak train ride to Kissimmee, while visiting Mickey with a resolute frame of mind. After all, it’s “Mouse over matter.”.



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