Washington, DC: The top five tours await!

There is nothing like a tour around Washington, DC. Washington, DC is America’s kind of sightseeing town. There is so much to see and do. When staying in the Washington, DC area, there is no shortage of excitement. From monuments, to museums, to iconic structures, one cannot find an American city more diverse. There’s a question brewing in the back of every traveler’s mind, which may be “How do visitors get the most of their visit without having to do so much walking?”. The answer is simple. Go on a tour! Without looking high and low, here is a list of the top five sightseeing tours in Washington, DC. They are full of excitement and anticipation. Which one is the best? Touring around the nation’s capital depends entirely on pace. Here is the countdown.

5. Old Town Trolley Tour: For those who want the opportunity to hop on and off, experiencing the monuments, museums, and famous buildings throughout the day, this is that kind of tour. The Old Town Trolley takes visitors from Washington, DC’s Union Station past many of the city’s famous landmarks, including Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam Memorial, and the National World War II Memorial. At the beginning, the driver shares a handful of historical notes about Union Station. Any railroad fans? Visitors will truly appreciate the information. The Old Town Trolley route is marked by signs indicating where visitors can re-board. Tour tickets are $39.00 for adults and $29.00 for children at ages 4-12. Children under the age of 4 are FREE. Further tour information is available at historictours.com.

4. Segs In The City: Has anyone ridden on a Segway scooter? They are a ton of fun. Touring Washington, DC via Segway is an experience everyone will appreciate. The Segway scooter is an incredible piece of break-through technology. The tour takes visitors from the Capitol to the north side of the White House, to a variety of off-the-Mall spots, and an unforgettable ride down Pennsylvania Avenue. The tour can accommodate groups up to eight people. Visitors must be at a minimum age of sixteen years old to participate. Riders must weigh no heavier than two hundred and sixty pounds. The tour cost is $59.00 per person. Further information is available at segsinthecity.com.

3. Bike & Roll Bike Tour: Anyone into biking? This is the tour for biking enthusiasts. There’s nothing more exciting than touring around Washington, DC and getting a workout simultaneously. Visitors will bike to and learn about the many sites, including museums, monuments, and the National Mall. While the tour is in progress, visitors learn about the many iconic buildings including the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court. In addition, the tour guide shares key information about exhibitions, major events, and practical tips for planning a stay in the Washington, DC area. The bike tour costs $40.00 for adults and $30.00 for children. Further tour information is available at bikeandrolldc.com.

2. Big Bus Tours: Imagine seeing our nation’s capital with the gentle wind blowing through one’s hair. Any visitor will truly enjoy this open-top sightseeing tour. This tour takes visitors around the city featuring stunning views of the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the National Cathedral. Hint: It is the only tour which takes visitors through Georgetown and Arlington National Cemetery. There’s more to it. The tour also includes coupons to eateries along each of the tour routes. The tour cost is $50.00 for adults and $40.00 for children. Additional tour information can be viewed at bigbustours.com.

1) DC Ducks Tour: Ducks tours are the most exciting tours to experience. They’re becoming increasingly popular around the country. The DC Ducks Tour is the tour no one should miss. It is the most unforgettable experience. Visitors are invited to sit back and let their captain turn back the pages of history. The captain takes visitors for the ride of their lives in a restored World War II amphibian vehicle.

The tour begins with the captain sharing his/her wealth of information about the Capitol, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian museums, and the National Mall. Midway through the tour, the Duck vehicle enters the water at Pentagon Marina. Touring around the nation’s capital by bus is one thing. Viewing it while cruising along the Potomac River is another. The captain takes visitors south on the Potomac River, and points out many of the sites no one gets to see from land. He/She even takes visitors to the end of the runway at Ronald Reagan National Airport to experience some take-off and landing action. The DC Ducks Tour is an experience for the whole family to enjoy. The tour cost is $39.00 regular rate/$29.10 online rate for adults; $29.00 regular rate/$26.10 online rate for children. Further tour information is available at dcducks.com.

With its world-renowned museums, monuments, and iconic attractions, Washington, DC is a fun city to visit at all times of the year. Truly, it is a city that welcomes the world. It is a city that shows itself off to the world as a city of ongoing history, progress, and diversity. Whether visiting for the day, three days, or for a whole week, these top five tours allow visitors the chance to see Washington, DC at their own pace. There are open top buses, Duck tours, hop-on-hop-off tours, bike, and Segway experiences awaiting. They’re all a variety of adventures presenting visitors the opportunity to not just witness history, but to be a part of history.

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