At 167,000 tons, Royal Caribbean's Quantum of The Seas is the world's first ever smart ship.
At 167,000 tons, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of The Seas is the world’s first ever smart ship.

For more than 40 years, Royal Caribbean International has had the pleasure of WOWing millions of cruise passengers. From its top-notch on board service, to its world class on board cuisine, Royal Caribbean has provided that unforgettable experience for all to treasure. From belly-flop competitions, to on board ice rinks, to having an aqua show at sea, Royal Caribbean has been exceeding the expectations of cruise passengers from around the world. This year, Royal Caribbean has pushed the envelope even further. The newly christened Quantum of The Seas has taken Royal Caribbean to unprecedented heights. Sailing out of Bayonne, NJ, the Quantum of The Seas is a ship not to be missed out on. What makes this ship and the new experiences she provides so special? Here are five key reasons why.

The Next Gen Embarkation system allows passengers to skip the check-in counter, except for ticketing and on board charge matters.
The Next Gen Embarkation system allows passengers to skip the check-in counter, except for ticketing and on board charge matters.

5) Brand new check-in system: Unlike the rest of the other ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, the Quantum of The Seas features a brand new passenger check-in process. New ship, new check-in system! Why not? Royal Caribbean’s “Next Gen Embark” system is a check-in system which will WOW cruise passengers inside and out. It is designed to get passengers from the curbside to the ship in ten minutes or less. When the passengers arrive at the cruise terminal door, they are met by a mobile check-in agent. Each of the check-in agents, inside or outside the terminal building, carry a wireless tablet computer. The passengers each have their own individual Set Sail cruise ticket. With a wireless scanner, the mobile agent scans the bar code on the Set Sail ticket. The Set Sail ticket contains the passenger’s security photo (uploaded prior to sailing), passport information, on board charge, and personal information. As the passengers are checked in, their Set Sails are marked with a green stamp. That green stamp indicates that they are embarked and cleared to board the ship without waiting on that long switchback line. The check-in counter is only for those passengers who have no Set Sail ticket, need to change their on board charge information, and so forth. No lines, no problem!

The Quantum of The Seas’s signature feature North Star reaches skyward. Passengers are treated to a breathtaking vista of the ship and the ocean.

4) New on board features: The Quantum of The Seas, unlike the other ships in Royal Caribbean’s world class fleet, has some new bells and whistles which will definitely WOW cruise passengers across the board. The Quantum of The Seas features the largest recreation complex at sea called Sea Plex. It features roller skating, bumper cars, a floating DJ booth, and space for various on board events. The Quantum of The Seas also features a simulated skydiving attraction known as Ripcord by I-Fly. Further, the ship features virtual balconies. Video footage of the ocean outside is piped in and displayed on an LED screen, so passengers no longer have to fall in love with a wall view. Last, but not least, the Quantum of The Seas features the North Star. It is an observation arm that lifts passengers in a glass bubble three hundred feet above the ship. There, passengers get a view of the ocean like no other. It sure pays to see how Royal Caribbean goes the extra mile to WOW its passengers.

3) New WOWs in entertainment: Aside from the DreamWorks movie experience and other notable forms of entertainment, Royal Caribbean has added another Broadway show to its repertoire. Aboard the Quantum of The Seas, the hit Broadway musical “Mama Mia!” is featured. Also aboard the Quantum of The Seas, is a brand new bar called the “Bionic Bar”. This is a bar which will WOW passengers without any doubt. Not only is “The Bionic Bar” a bar, it is a bar and a form of entertainment all in one. Right before the passengers’ eyes, robotic arms prepare their drinks. With extreme precision, they prepare the passengers’ drinks to order. It’s more than just a Martini, it’s entertainment! It is a public place on board that cannot be missed.

Upon disembarking from their cruise, passengers can use the Royal IQ app on their smart devices to track the location of their luggage.
Upon disembarking from their cruise, passengers can use the Royal IQ app on their smart devices to track the location of their luggage.

2) She’s a smart ship! In the 21st century, our world has become far smaller than before. Things have become simpler and more advanced. With Royal Caribbean, cruising has become a “smarter” experience. The Quantum of The Seas is the world’s first ever smart ship. Much of the ship’s on board environment is highly interactive. All throughout the ship, passengers have access to WiFi everywhere on board. They can access their email at home as well. With their iPods, iPads, smart phones, and tablets, passengers can download Royal Caribbean’s “Royal IQ” app. The app allows passengers to manage their dining times, entertainment, and shore excursion bookings. Also, the Royal IQ app allows passengers to easily track the location of their luggage on embarkation and disembarkation day. That way, there will be no need to go on a never-ending scavenger hunt for luggage at any time. It’s a rather “smart” way to cruise, agree?

1) New on board dining experiences: Unlike Norwegian Cruise Line’s Freestyle Dining and Disney Cruise Line’s Rotational Dining, Royal Caribbean has added a little twist to its on board dining environment. Royal Caribbean has introduced a new and unique dining concept called Dynamic Dining. Dynamic Dining is the newest brand of dining for all cruise passengers to enjoy. Instead of having a main dining room, the Quantum of The Seas features a variety of themed dining rooms. Each dining room serves a unique style of food and flavors. Passengers can enjoy a variety of dining rooms such as the American Icon Grill, Jaime’s Italian, Chic, and Wonderland. Passengers with suite cabins are invited to eat in a special dining room called Coastal Kitchen. Formal dining is still available on board the Quantum of The Seas. For passengers who still wish to experience a formal atmosphere, The Grande is the dining room of choice. All of these themed dining rooms await the taste buds of millions of cruise passengers from around the world.

Royal Caribbean International, without a doubt, is a world class cruise line with great on board features and experiences. Every ship features a unique flavor and atmosphere for cruise passengers to enjoy. The Quantum of The Seas, along with her two upcoming sister ships, Anthem and Ovation of The Seas, provide a brand new and boundary-shattering experience for cruise passengers all around the world to behold. From roller skating, to bumper cars, to smart technology, to an all new WOW-inspiring dining atmosphere, the people at Royal Caribbean International have once again outdone themselves. Passengers, without a doubt, have greater and more dynamic on board experiences to savor in the future. Cruising is has truly taken an unprecedented “leap” in the travel industry. With so many new features, Royal Caribbean gives passengers the opportunity to ride the waves to the future. Royal Caribbean has changed cruising forever. The Quantum of The Seas, without a doubt, changes everything.

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