Can anyone believe it’s already August? Where has the summer gone? Not long ago, it was Memorial Day weekend. Then, along came Fathers Day. Next, came the Fourth of July. Once Fourth of July has come and gone, school supplies go back on sale. Let’s not obsess with school shopping. There’s still one more full month of summer to go. It’s best that everyone enjoy it before it’s gone, and the countdown to Memorial Day 2022 begins. It’s that simple! With just one month of summer remaining, what’s left to do in New Jersey? There is plenty to do! From the simplest of experiences, to historic landmarks, to unforgettable beach hangouts, there are must-dos to visit all around New Jersey. So what are the top 5 New Jersey summer must-dos? Have E-Z Pass, will travel!

#5 Lucy The Elephant (Margate): Originally named Elephant Bazaar, Lucy was built to promote real estate sales and attract tourists. Lucy the Elephant is located along the beach in Josephine Harron Park in Margate, New Jersey. She is six stories high and is listed on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. The park is fenced and contained, making child supervision easy. Picnic tables are also on site for eating out-of-doors. This may be #5, but is among the most recommended must-dos for the entire family.

#4 Silverball Pinball Museum (Asbury Park): Remember playing pinball during the 1980s, the greatest decade of all? Of all must-dos, the Silverball Pinball Museum is the family experience of a lifetime. the Silverball Pinball Museum is a living, breathing and blinking tribute to our pinball and video gaming past. With 600 games in rotation, the Silverball Pinball Museum is the place where guests are sure to find their favorites while getting to know and enjoy some new game experiences. To speak with the party specialist for information regarding party and event details, as well as availability, visitors should call (732) 774-4994, extension 3.

#3 Jenkinson’s Aquarium (Pt. Pleasant Beach): Pleasant Beach is a whole ensemble of must-dos blended into one. Jenkinson’s Aquarium is a privately owned facility located on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Pt. Since 1991, the Jenkinson’s Aquarium has been dedicated to educating the public on all aspects of marine life and conservation. Each exhibit at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium is designed to promote awareness of the animals, their habitats and conservation. At the Jenkinson’s Aquarium, each and every member of the staff strives to provide guests with a unique and memorable experience through creative exhibits, as well as innovative educational and outreach programs.

#2 Allaire State Park (Wall Twp): For history and recreation aficionados, Allaire State Park cannot be missed. At Allaire State Park, visitors can travel back in time with a visit to 19th century Allaire Village. It is best known for its historic 19th-century iron making town. Allaire State Park is also home to the Pine Creek Railroad, a narrow-gauge train ride. Established in 1953, the Pine Creek Railroad is an example of rail travel at the height of the steam era in the United States. The Manasquan River, which winds through the park, provides excellent opportunities for freshwater fishing. Annual trout stocking of the Manasquan River ensures excellent opportunities for the freshwater anglers. For those who love hunting, a portion of Allaire State Park is available for deer hunting only. Located along the Atlantic flyway, Allaire State Park provides a feeding and resting place for migrating birds. A large variety of bird species may be observed throughout the year.

#1 Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook National Park-Highlands): Every summer, one often wonders “What’s with all the traffic on the Parkway today?”. The answer is simple. They’re “taking off” for Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach. For those who like to enjoy the ocean, sand, and surf in the manner Mother Nature intended, this is the place! Gunnison Beach is the only legal nude beach in New Jersey. For the record, Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach is the largest clothing optional beach in the northeastern United States. In the past years, the crowd has seen a great change. The crowd is made up of young people and families. Gunnison Beach is perfect for beach volleyball. There is a beach volleyball court on site! Note: The LGBTQ crowd has very much dissipated! So, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable. Gunnison Beach can’t be a better place for boat watchers and aviation fans. Ocean going vessels, big and small, can be seen sailing in and out of the Verrazano Narrows channel. Approximately 7 miles east of Gunnison Beach is John F. Kennedy International Airport. From Gunnison Beach, all day long, planes can be seen taking off and landing. Saying it simply, Gunnison Beach has something fun for everyone.

Yes, Summer 2021 has blown by quite quick. As the famous saying goes, “Time flies while having fun!”. Yes, time flies, but there’s still much fun to be had in New Jersey. There is no shortage of exciting experiences in New Jersey. With August beginning, it’s imperative that travelers of all ages, regardless of from where, are encouraged to take in New Jersey and all that the Garden State has to offer. Besides gambling at the casinos of Atlantic City, it’s vital to pay a visit to Lucy The Elephant in Margate. Aside from taking in Bruce Springsteen’s career origin, The Stone Pony, the Silverball Pinball Museum is a New Jersey must-see and a New Jersey must-do. Instead of just walking the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, why not stop in at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. No one knows what they may learn! Finally, at the very tip of the New Jersey Shore is Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach. Don’t have a swimsuit? Perfect! Everyone including the young, younger, and youngest are welcome at the largest clothing optional beach in the northeastern United States. New Jersey is the Garden State, where fun and excitement are the chief crops harvested non-stop.

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