While football ‘lovers’ are celebrating the big game-the Super Bowl, another holiday has arrived. It’s Valentine’s Day once again. From boyfriends and girlfriends, to young and recently married couples, Valentine’s Day occasions come in many shapes and sizes. Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time of year to celebrate good times together and appreciate each another’s company. So, what are the top five Valentine’s Day adult vacation getaways? The list may be an eye opener, but let it inspire thousands for years on end. If love is in the air, then let the love for traveling be everywhere.

5. Clothing-optional cruise: There’s no better way for young couples (married or single) to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than on a Bare-Necessities clothing-optional cruise. It’s cruising in the way mother nature intended. There’s no better vacation experience than spending a week appreciating each other’s company and just being ‘themselves’. Further, when cruising in the company of like minded fellow guests, meeting new friends and trying new things takes on a whole new flavor. Whether going on a cruise for the very first time, to trying out a new cruise line, to experiencing clothing-optional cruising for the very first time, the opportunities are endless. To learn more about clothing-optional cruises, Valentines, lovers, and cruise ‘lovers’ alike should visit Bare-Necessities Tour & Travel Company at www.cruisebare.com. The testimonials will truly open the door to a new unforgettable experience.

4. Weekend getaway at a ski resort: Valentine’s Day and skiing go together hand-in-hand, perfectly. Whether enjoying snow tubing, snow boarding, or cross-country skiing, there can’t be a more romantic getaway. The most recommended ski resorts are Stowe Mountain Resort, Bolton Valley Resort, Killington Ski Resort. Stowe Mountain is 25 minutes from Amtrak’s Waterbury-Stowe Station, served by Amtrak’s Vermonter (Washington, DC-St. Albans). Ski ‘lovers’ can enjoy Bolton Valley Resort, which is an 18 minute ride from Waterbury-Stowe Station. Killington Ski Resort is 25 minutes from Rutland Station, which serves Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express (New York City-Burlington, VT). Ski ‘lovers’ can visit www.stowe.com or www.boltonvalley.com. Train and ski ‘lovers’ alike can make train reservations at www.Amtrak.com.

3. Weekend getaway at an adult resort: An adult resort is the perfect place for all adults, single or married, to leave the stresses of the world behind. Who needs the stress of home and work? Instead, adults should head for an adult resort such as Cove Haven in the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania. Whether at Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, or Paradise Stream, the entertainment is world class. It is every adult couple’s dream getaway to just open up and enjoy each other. It’s Valentine’s Day at its very best. There’s no need for an airline ticket! Not to mention, adult couples will truly enjoy a romantic night in their hotel room’s private champagne glass-shaped hot tub. What gets packed in the suitcase? Couples should pack protection-of course, plenty of steamy sleepwear, and plenty of humor and smiles to share. Further information can be discovered at www.covepoconoresorts.com.

2. Caribbean adult resort (i.e. Hedonism II): There’s the snow in Vermont, the crisp countryside air of the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, and then there’s the vibrant party life of an all-inclusive adult vacation in the Caribbean. An adult resort like Hedonism II is the perfect spot for adult couples to really enjoy themselves, open up to each other, and enjoy a variety of recreational activities in a way they’ve never imagined. Hedonism II enables adult couples to take their relationships to a whole other level. It’s a place where adults from all over the world come to live out their fantasies in a sensually charged environment. Adult resorts, particularly Hedonism II, offer several enticing specials designed to tempt adults’ appetites for an adventurous and sensual experience. Adults can get into those deep kisses, satisfying clothing-optional experiences, including midnight swims. Adult couples seize the opportunity to take advantage of hot, lustful encounters while they can. Sexy is what sexy does! Adults should put down the remote and begin exploring at www.hedonism.com.

1. Long-distance train trip: Every adults-only vacation deserves to be magical. Nothing is more magical than traveling long-distance than via Amtrak. Aboard any Amtrak train, the service is exceptional. Traveling on a long-distance route is railroad travel at its finest. Whether aboard Amtrak’s California Zephyr (Chicago-Emeryville, CA), Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle/Portland), or the Southwest Chief (Chicago-Los Angeles), traveling long-distance by train is one true romantic traveling experience. Amtrak’s Sunset Limited (Los Angeles-New Orleans), Lake Shore Limited (New York City-Chicago via Albany/Buffalo) and Silver Meteor (New York City-Miami) are other great options to consider. Let the train’s horn blowing through the night be the ultimate romantic lullaby. Better-passengers who reserve a sleeping car cabin are blessed. As long as adults make a sleeping car reservation, their onboard dining is included. The onboard staff at Amtrak is at the adults’ service. Reservations and sleeping car information can be obtained at www.amtrak.com.

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is here once again. Some adults just like to let it pass them by. Others prefer to use the holiday to make the very best of their relationships and take them to another level. Further, it’s the perfect time for each and every adult to discover their wild side. Adults, especially young adults, can never have it so good. There is a smorgasbord of ideas which adult couples can take their everyday relationships and turn them into something hot, steamy, sexy, and a whole other definition of unforgettable. From shedding their inhibitions on a clothing-optional cruise or a one-week stay at Hedonism II, there’s nothing like having fun birthday suit style. Maybe a weekend getaway on the slopes in VT or taking in the fresh air of the Pennsylvania countryside at adult resorts like Cove Haven could be the trip of choice. Ultimately, who likes being rocked to sleep by the clickity-clack of wheels on rails? Adult life can’t be more exciting than it already is. When it comes to the month of February, the only three words to say to each and every adult is ‘go for it’.

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