In a previous article, it was said that cruising safely mean packing safely. That’s 100% true. Packing all the proper items for a cruise is sure to guarantee a cruise with no trouble. Every cruise deserves to go well. Following up on that, it’s best for all guests to kept in the know about the latest items that they should be on the lookout for. Packing these new items will not only add a whole new layer of convenience, but a whole new meaning to excitement. Some of these items are sure not to be questioned by pier security on sailing day. Yet, it is strongly recommended for all guests to pack these items carefully and in an easy-to-reach place. Should pier security need to inspect carry-on bags and come across these items, guests will encounter less hardship and all the more excitement ahead of them.

So, what new items are out there that cruisers should consider packing? The travel world never stops innovating. That being said, the list is an eye opener. First, guests should pack a neck wallet. How does a neck wallet work? Whenever leaving the ship at ports-of-call, guests are instructed to bring their stateroom key cards and a photo ID. How does the neck wallet alleviate guests of such cruising dilemmas? This convenient little pouch safely stores passports, driver’s licenses, cash, and credit cards. If guests happen to be stuck in a traffic jam, or their taxi breaks down on the way back to the pier, they will be happy they took along a neck wallet. At best, they have their belongings with them. Further, it will keep everything secure so pickpockets can’t access their valuables at any time. The neck wallet is definitely the item to add to the packing list. No longer will roaming about on land be a “pain in the neck”.

For all those who love to park themselves at the bars on board ship, there is a quick remedy to keep on hand. Natural hangover relief pills are the answer. Alcohol and sun are not a good combo, particularly when cruising. Guests may find themselves getting a lot of both. While they’re making the most of that all-inclusive drink package, they can use these natural hangover prevention pills. They consist of vitamins, electrolytes, and other safe ingredients such as Dihydromyricetin. They are a huge help! On any cruise ship, guests consume enough alcohol to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool. That is a lot of alcohol! Having natural hangover prevention pills packed in the suitcase is the right call. Not only are natural hangover prevention pills safe, they are proven to keep guests on an “even keel”. Natural hangover prevention pills keep a guests from going “overboard” at onboard social events. Have natural hangover prevention pills, will sail!

In today’s world of modern technology, there’s never enough room in luggage for new cutting edge contraptions. No cruise is complete without a lipstick-size portable charger. Cruisers are known to have long days at ports-of-call with potentially unpredictable power grids. They will be happy to have a lipstick-size portable charger. The lipstick-size portable charger charges multiple devices in a day. Guests can easily throw it in their backpacks and can enjoy excursions without worry. What also makes it so convenient is the fact that ships today are HUGE, and cruisers don’t want to walk (what feels like miles) back to their stateroom for a quick charge. With the lipstick-size portable charger, guests can easily party the night away, feel free to explore, and always stay connected with the ability to snap perfect selfies while at sea. The lipstick-size portable charger is a must-have for all cruisers. The next time cruisers hear the term “lipstick on a pig”, they can laugh. Now they must make way for lipstick on a cruise; a portable charger in disguise.

For cruisers who are into physical fitness, going on walking tours at ports-of-call, strolling on a popular beach on an exceptionally hot day, the cooling towel set is the coolest item to be added to the packing list. Most cruise destinations are hot locations (even during the winter months) so traveling with the cooling towel set is a must. Cruisers hate feeling overheated, even though the comfort of air conditioning is available on board ship. The deck is often scorching and air conditioning is hard to come by at ports-of-call. When strolling through the streets, visiting markets or other tourist attractions, guests should always carry this towel set with them. For relief, they can simply wet the towel, wring it out, and apply it to their neck or shoulders. The cooling towel set is chemical-free and comes in a small case that prevents other items in the travel tote bag from getting damp. The cooling towel set is no ordinary towel innovation. The cooling towel set is the answer for guests who are anxious about beating the heat. It’s the kind of towel set that will make guests feel and look, well, cool.

With the cruising industry back in full swing, the feeling of being free from everyday life can’t feel more liberating. Schools are out. The kids are already having the time of their lives; no matter what they do or where they go. On board every cruise ship, guests are sporting the newest and handiest of gadgets to assure them an unforgettable experience. Before zipping up their suitcases, cruisers are encouraged to scour the department stores and the internet for the latest new items for their packing list. Once purchased, they will know that they will be happy they packed them. Cruisers must look for the neck wallet to conveniently store their stateroom key cards and photo IDs. Further, they can deter pickpockets from attempting to steal any valuables. Cruisers should not forget to purchase natural hangover prevention pills. They are sure to reduce the possibility of a hangover from hitting the bars too much. To keep rechargeable items running at full strength, the lipstick-size portable charger is a must-have for roaming the ship and on land. Finally, guests will be excited to have packed their cooling towel set. No hot day on pool deck or on land will ever have the upper hand. It is easily said-good cruisers always cruise prepared.

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