It’s officially June. College students have returned home. Schools are soon to get out for the summer. Everyone knows what that means! Summer officially begins June 21st. Meanwhile, families are hard at work getting ready for that long-awaited vacation to ease children’s minds until September. Atop families’ lists of destinations is Walt Disney World. When Walt Disney World comes to mind, so does Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Not just Mickey and Minnie, but so do the iconic attractions and most important-wishes to come true. Still, there are three wishes which avid Disney travelers are longing for to come true. They are must-haves which are long-overdue to become a reality. Should they finally come to pass, Disney guests will have every rhyme and reason to be the happiest travelers on earth.

3) Restore Disney’s Magical Express: Disney’s Magical Express had to been the best service offered to guests since Orlando International Airport opened in 1981. December 31st, 2021 was the last day of operation for Disney’s Magical Express. It was the worst ever decision made by Ex-Disney CEO Bob Chapek to discontinue Disney’s Magical Express. Guests boarded their motorcoach, while their luggage was shipped to their resort. Soon enough, their luggage would appear at their resort room door, like ‘magic’. The magic of Disney’s Magical Express is still lacking. Guests are still paying for ground transportation to and from Orlando International Airport. They’re paying each way per-person to ride Mears Connect Driven by Sunshine. They’re still paying a hefty charge to ride Uber or Lyft to and from the Walt Disney World property. The madness has got to stop. “For the first time in forever” this must end. Disney’s Magical Express must be put back into service. Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Josh D’Amaro must get it done. Once done, Walt Disney World guests will be smiling again “ear to ear”.

2) Make Lightning Lane complimentary: As the pandemic winded down, so did the quality of Disney’s courtesy services. Just as Disney’s Magical Express discontinued, another complimentary service disappeared. Fast Pass was replaced by the paid service “Lightning Lane”. Guests have been paying $17.00 to $25.00 per person, per-day to use it. Again, the “pay” madness continues. Guests pay good enough money for their park admission, whether holding a length-of-stay pass or an annual pass. They pay good money for the world-class food, memory-making photos, and last but but least-lovable souvenirs. Lightning Lane, like its predecessor, Fast Pass, should be complimentary. The guests’ option to minimize their wait time for popular shows and attractions SHOULD NOT cost them a single cent. It’s exceptionally ludicrous. Believe it or not, guests are avoiding spending money on Lightning Lane and opt to grin and bear the agitation of waiting on a long stand-by line. For example, the stand-by waiting time for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Slinky Dog Dash, and Avatar: Flight of Passage is two hours. When the new attraction Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens on Friday, June 28th, what are guests going to do then, wait an eternity as well? Guests ARE NOT up for that. They have been anxiously looking forward to experiencing the infamous five-story plunge again since Splash Mountain closed to begin its transformation into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure one year ago. Josh D’Amaro must put on his “thinking ears”, and “Dig a little deeper”. Further, Josh D’Amaro must heed guests frustrations and desires. Dollars and cents are important, but Lightning Lane can no longer be a paid service. Guests deserve to be rewarded for their patience.

1) No park reservations for annual passholders: January 9th, 2024, the good news could not have come sooner. Guests with length-of-stay passes were no longer required to make park reservations. Hip-hip-hooray! It’s time for annual passholders to have their right to celebrate. Their time is long-overdue. In this matter, Josh D’Amaro should make an exception. He should lift the park reservations requirement for annual passholders staying on the Walt Disney World property. Whether they are Disney Vacation Club members or not, annual passholders staying on the resort property should be able to enter any of the four major parks at their leisure. They should be able to park hop at their leisure, too. Disney Vacation Club members pay good money for their memberships, regardless of which resort they enjoy staying at. Even regular resort guests pay good money. They pay good money for the exceptional guest service, the world-class transportation, and above all-the memory-making experience. Why should park reservations remain in place for guests who spend their good money to stay on property? Like Disney Vacation Club members, annual passholders are the utmost loyal guests. They deserve more than just a warm welcome. They deserve a long-overdue reward for just their loyalty, but their patience and perseverance, too. Magic, memories, and dreams coming true should be free, agree?

The start of Summer is two weeks away. Schools are letting out. College kids can’t wait to stretch out. Families visit Walt Disney World from all corners of the globe. They cannot wait to spend quality time together. Again, the frustration remains on their minds. Families are long-overdue for the real memories they pay good money for. That being said, Disney’s Magical Express must be restored. Guests having to pay for ground transportation has not worked out at all. When will Walt Disney World guests get to minimize their waiting time in line by having Lightning Lane free? Lightning Lane should be complimentary for all guests. Fair enough? The same goes for park reservations for annual passholders. Annual passholders are equally important as Disney Vacation Club members. Whether annual passholders are Disney Vacation Club members or not, they should be granted the same benefit as the guests with length-of-stay passes. These three guests’ wishes are long-overdue to be realized. Not only are they long-outstanding to be realized, but they’re particularly delinquent to come true. Memories are meant to be made free-of-charge. The utmost culminating for all, Disney guests’ dreams SHOULD NOT depend on park reservations. Disney guests’ dreams coming true rely on the abiding vision of the Walt Disney Company’s leadership. It’s an ownness on Josh D’Amaro to see these three guests’ wishes through.

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