Ever since becoming a travel writer in 2011 and a travel lecturer in 2015, I couldn’t have imagined how successful of a part-time career I have built. I know my work is not done. A short while ago, I added the service of planning travel destination parties based on my 19 lecture topics. Thus far, it’s been a work in progress. While the travel industry aims to emerge from the ashes of the Coronavirus, I couldn’t help but introduce a new service to all writers; being a writing coach.

What does a writing coach do? It’s more than just teaching people of all ages on becoming solid writers. A writing coach does the following:

1) A writing coach helps the writer develop a clear and compelling premise or plot, determine a tone, style, and voice based on the intended audience, and produce a coherent, captivating narrative, whether fiction or nonfiction.

2) A writing coach provides writing feedback and instruction to clients in individual appointments and occasionally in small groups. Also, a writing coach can also promote writing events and activities to enhance writing skills.

3) A writing coach helps elicit the writer’s experience and expertise, guides the writer to develop a creative, productive spatial and temporal environment, and trains the writer to craft effective prose. He or she helps the writer find the heart of the content, what works and what needs work, how to carry out research and conduct interviews, and how to frame and organize the material (and what to include and what to leave out).

4) A writing coach acts as a mentor, helping the writer focus, providing an objective perspective, guidance and and encouragement.

5) A writing coach is like a personal trainer for a writer. A writing coach helps a writer through the exercises of becoming physically and mentally fit in the discipline of writing.

What will be my hourly charge for being a writing coach? I will be charging $75.00 per hour. The location is totally up to the client. Whether at the home of the client, in a local library, or local coffee house, the environment is open. Good writers always pick the right environment to their work. Starting May 1st, 2020, I will begin providing my writing coach services, with a free initial meeting. Contact me at my email, dkriso@dessk.net, or at my cell phone: 201-294-6435.

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David Kriso has been a travel writer since August 2011. He is a contributing writer for both of his hometown's newspapers, The Gazette, and The Observer. His articles focus on cruise and railroad travel. David is also published online at ProwsEdge.com, a cruise magazine based in Vancouver, Canada and at Amtrak's story site, Whistlestop.Amtrak.com. David also writes for the publication Examiner.com. On Examiner.com, he writes about cruise and rail travel. David is a long-time train traveler, avid cruiser, and a Disney traveler since age 4.

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