With summer vacation officially underway, it’s time for the traveling to begin. Traveling by train during the summer months cannot be more pleasurable. Whether traveling short or long-distance, Amtrak makes the journey not just pleasurable, but affordable. During the summer months, everyone wants to travel at the lowest fare without spending an arm and a leg. That’s true! Amtrak offers fares that are affordable, fair, and transparent. How transparent? To make traveling easy, Amtrak offers five categories of fares that are both economical and budget-friendly.

Saver fares: Saver Fares are the lowest-cost available fares and are deeply discounted off of Value Fares, the regular rate for tickets. Saver Fares are limited in availability and generally require advance purchase. Travelers are encouraged to book early to take advantage of Saver Fares. Saver fares are available in Reserved Coach and Acela Express Business Class.

Value fares: These fares are available on all Amtrak routes. Value fares offer several refund options and are the regular rate for fares. Like Saver fares, the availability of Value fares is limited. Value fares are available in Unreserved Coach, Reserved Coach, and Acela Express Business Class.

Flexible fares: Flexible fares are fully refundable without any cancellation fee and reservations are easily modified. These fares are ideal for those passengers whose plans frequently change. Even at the last minute, flexible fares are the perfect option. Flexible fares are available for Unreserved Coach, Reserved Coach, and Acela Business Class.

Business fares: Business Class offers an affordable, enhanced travel experience on many Amtrak routes across the country. Specific features vary by train. Business Class includes extra legroom and complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. All Business Class seats are located in a dedicated car or section of the train. To make the journey more rewarding, Amtrak Guest Rewards members earn a 25% qualifying point bonus for purchasing Business Class tickets. Business fares are available for non-Acela Express Business Class only.

Premium fares: Premium Services include Acela Express First Class and sleeper accommodations. Acela First Class passengers enjoy premium amenities, complimentary on board food and beverage services and receive privileged access to Club Acela lounges. Additionally, Amtrak Guest Rewards members earn a 50% qualifying point bonus for Acela First Class travel. Sleeper accommodations (rooms and roomettes) are available on most long-distance routes for a comfortable and relaxing journey. Prices for these accommodations are included in the total fare, even with multiple passengers booked. Premium fares are also available in Acela Express First Class.

Vacation time doesn’t always mean beach, pool, or “lounging by the lake” time. Vacation time means train time. With the countless traveling occasions to be enjoyed in good company, why should anyone want to pay one straight fare? All year long, Amtrak makes traveling enjoyable, affordable, and best of all-rewarding. Passengers are given not just a wide range of seating and on board amenities, but a wide variety of fares that best fit the nature of their journey, and budget too. From passengers taking advantage of the Saver fare or papering themselves using the Premium fare, traveling by Amtrak opens a whole other door for them. It opens the door of opportunity to travel not just in style, but with value.

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