May is peeking around the corner. The temperature is changing from the brutal cold of winter to the pleasantness of spring. Did someone say spring? Why not fast-forward the calendar a bit! Summer is just a month and then some away. Summer will be here sooner than it’s being thought about. When summer is on everyone’s mind, the daydreaming is nonstop. There’s swimming in the pool. There’s spending a full day at a water park. Even better, there’s a full day at the beach. It doesn’t matter what kind of beach anyone enjoys visiting. To many, it’s just a matter of putting on a swimsuit, coverups, putting on sunglasses, and donning a bucket hat. To some, swimsuits are out of the question. Clothing optional beaches such as New Jersey’s famous Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, or Miami’s own Haulover Beach are just as fun. Mixing and mingling with the crowds are what beaches are all about. What makes any beach day worthwhile is having plenty of games for adults and kids to enjoy together. No matter how much sand gets on the body or how much sun tan lotion is lathered on, there’s no better time than game time.

Looking forward to the upcoming summer, it’s time to awaken the imagination on what fun beach days lay ahead. There is nothing like watching boats passing by, girls sunning themselves on the beachfront, beach volleyball games going all day long, and plenty of coolers filled with soda, beer, and food to be shared. But what would any beach day be without fun games to be played? There are too many games to decide from. The five best games for adults and kids combined are Wave Runner Ball, Crossnet, a Sand Baking Play Set (for youngsters), Beach Bocce, and Portable Cornhole.

Everyone’s played Wave Runner Ball! Picture a football, and add the beach. It’s the perfect beach accessory to have fun in the sun — and sand. It features a special grip pattern, making it especially good for throwing and catching. It’s double-laced so that beach goers can throw that spiral they’ve been working on acing their entire lives. Crossnet? What’s that? It’s beach volleyball and four square in one. In this unique combo of two of the most fun childhood games, players get to battle it out for the ultimate victory. Fun for players ages 4 and up, the first to reach eleven points is the winner. Who’s gonna play with a Sand Baking Play Set? The kids of course! No matter where the sand and surf await, there’s nothing like a little make-believe baking in the sun. No, sun tans and sun burns are not the case in point here. For future bakers, this play set offers endless opportunities for imagination in the sand. Kids can sift, measure, stir and play as they bake their beach cake right by the surf. Now, who’s ready to win the contest for best baked ‘buns’?

Now, here come the two best beach games. Who’s ready? For avid bocce players, there is the opportunity to play bocce on the beach. The Beach Bocce Ball Set is the adults’ favorite game. All they have to do is add sand, and it’s game time. The goal of the game is for players to roll their balls as close to the pallino (small white ball) as possible. It also includes a measuring device so players don’t have to fight over the exact distance between the ball and the pallino. Sounds like the actual game, right? At the beach, a little imagination is all it takes, and the fun ensues. What would be any beach day be without a game of Portable Cornhole? This group favorite has a new twist. All it takes is for beach goers to imagine a set of Portable Cornhole boards and beanbags. Right there and then, and the beach has become party central. The rules are self-explanatory. By the way, Portable Cornhole is recommended for beach goers with the worst hand-eye coordination.

Summertime is beach time. It’s time to pull out the inflatable tubes, the sun shelters, the mosquito netted tents, the colorful umbrellas, and the beer koozies. Summer time is the season for just letting loose and enjoying three months of just being, well, ‘us’. Ladies can’t wait to put on the swimsuit they’ve been looking forward to sporting for the first time. The guys can’t wait to argue about who’s going to be the best baseball team come the all-star break. Lastly, the kids just can’t wait to spend time unwinding away from school. Whether it’s swimsuits on or no swimsuits at all, summertime is everyone’s time to have a good time. From playing Wave Runner Ball, to experiencing a game of Crossnet, to entrusting the kids in baking ‘buns’ with a Sand Baking Play Set, the fun is just heating up. From showing off Italian roots in a heated game of Beach Bocce to passing the time regardless of hand-eye coordination in Portable Cornhole, the good times just keep rolling. Who said the beach has its limits? The beach is for enjoying anything and everything. Regardless of age, any beach day is ‘game day’.

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