It’s April 2023, and finally some good news has come across the wire. Disney Vacation Club members can finally rejoice. Annual pass sales are finally resuming. That is music to all Disney Vacation Club members’ ‘ears’. That’s a play on words without being a play on words. Like all annual pass holders, park reservations will not be required after 2 pm.

Wait a minute; that’s just the annual pass for Disney Vacation Club members. There’s a change that really needs to happen; a change that will definitely make all Disney travelers happy as a nine year-old in a candy store. Park reservations do not really need to stay in place. The tired, counterproductive, and ineffective park reservation system still needs to go. It too needs to change, big time! How so?

Ever since the height of the pandemic, all Disney park guests had to make park reservations-a reservation for each and every park during their stay. Sounds cumbersome, no? It sounds terribly inconvenient! It sure is, when talking being post-pandemic. The park reservation system desperately needs to be rolled back. Here’s what Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Josh D’Maro must do. It is Disney’s only way back to making its parks guest friendly as it was pre-pandemic. So, what’s the idea? The idea is simple. All Disney guests staying on the Walt Disney World property should no longer be required to make reservations for each and every park. Let their park admission already have their reservations be built in. Fair and square, yes? On the other hand, all guests staying off-property should still be required to make reservations. It’s only fair that they still do. Why? Guests staying off-property, no matter where, have technically opted out of the privilege of having world-class transportation and top-notch service at their advantage. Guests staying on-property, including Disney Vacation Club members, are paying big bucks for such top-notch service. In addition, they’re paying for abundant magic. Guests staying off-property, unfortunately, they’ll have to roll with the punches; figuring out their own transportation, dining, and so forth. If they wish to have access to all four parks at Walt Disney World, they will need to make reservations. Their resort off-property will probably provide fancy accommodations, but not as grand as opposed to the Disney way. So, park reservations for off-property guests should stay in play. All on-property guests can have at it!

Finally, it’s Spring! The not-so-thrilling Harmonious at EPCOT is on its way out. A new show is soon to replace it. Tron Lightcycle Run (Magic Kingdom) and Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (EPCOT) are both a smash hit success. Both have been long-awaited attractions. What will make these new attractions and the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in the Magic Kingdom (Opening 2024) even more exciting is the return of annual pass sales. Disney Vacation Club members, who are loyal Disney travelers, can truly rejoice over the news. However, that’s not the news that all guests want to hear. The return of the annual pass is not enough. Park reservations for all on-property guests should be dropped. Park reservations for off-property guests should remain in effect. It levels the playing field. It gives all guests staying on-property, including Disney Vacation Club members, the benefit. As long as they are paying the big bucks, they deserve to walk through the gates at all four parks and both water parks. The Walt Disney World Resort is their home for the week, two weeks, or longer. Who needs reservations to be happy? The annual pass returning is good news. The great news is yet to come, but NOW is the word which all Disney guests are entitled to dream about.

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