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Amtrak New York City Penn Station

Characteristics of New York Penn Station Moynihan Train Hall

January 1st, 2021, a new chapter in New York City’s history began. Or, should the story begin back in 1963? Let’s begin there! It was one of the saddest years in railroad history. It was the year when the original Penn Station was demolished. The once grand terminal was torn down to make room for …

Coronavirus General Travel New York City

New York, NY presentation: Creating a masterpiece for all

A short while ago, I announced that I had broken ground on my twenty-first travel presentation. It is entitled, “New York, NY: Never asleep…forever alive!”. Pending the conclusion of the Coronavirus pandemic, I mentioned that it would be completed by Summer 2021. That is still the goal. Yes, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives …