A short while ago, I announced that I had broken ground on my twenty-first travel presentation. It is entitled, “New York, NY: Never asleep…forever alive!”. Pending the conclusion of the Coronavirus pandemic, I mentioned that it would be completed by Summer 2021. That is still the goal. Yes, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives on a grand scale. Despite the demanding nature of my job as a clerk with the United States Postal Service, I have taken every inch of free time possible to add one; sometimes three slides a week. I must share with all of my readers and presentation attendees that my presentation is coming together really well, ahead of schedule. What’s so exciting about this presentation is that there is much about New York City than what meets the eye. So, without any delay, here is a sneak preview of how the presentation, “New York, NY: Never asleep…forever alive!” is shaping up. Readers are sure to be amazed. They may want to clear their schedule once this presentation is booked by libraries around the country.

While brainstorming, I was jotting down on my cell phone’s notepad app what information I was going to put into this presentation. Without a doubt, I want this presentation to tell a story of evolution, a story of how the great city of New York came to be. Through the implementation of ah-ha moments and captivating photographs, this presentation is going to send attendees home wanting to pack their bags for that long-awaited trip of a lifetime to New York City. Everyone around the country and around the world dream of visiting New York City for some occasion. So, what are some of the great highlights of my New York City presentation? The presentation kicks off with a bang, sharing a wealth of trivial facts about New York City. Shhhh! I’ll keep those a secret until it’s time to do the presentation in person. I will start the presentation talking about New York City in its infancy, from the early settlers through the early twentieth century, including the Nationality Act of 1965. Moving on through the twentieth century, I will elaborate on the construction of two great New York City icons-the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. Moving along, the presentation continues with three more icons-Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center. Then, the presentation gets more interesting. I will then introduce the newest icons-New York Edge and The Vessel at Hudson Yards. The presentation gets more interesting with one of the most wonderous icons-the High Line, a walking adventure born out of the abandoned freight line that weaved its way through downtown New York’s meat packing district. Afterward, the presentation continues with two more icons-Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. Adding to the railroad discussion, the Hellgate and Spuyten Duyvil bridges will make their appearance. Doesn’t this presentation sound exciting already?

Last March when New York City was infected by the Coronavirus, the lights of Broadway went dark. Broadway theatres have been dark ever since. They were supposed to reopen back in September 2020, then January 2021. They’re slated to reopen for business in this coming September 2021. They say so with confidence! The lights of Broadway have been an awe-inspiring icons to performers from all around the world. The Coronavirus has put much of the New York City’s everyday culture on hold. There isn’t a single aspect of New  York City that hasn’t been impacted by the Coronavirus. There is much to share about the New York theatre district. Besides the theatres, there are plenty of entertainment and dining choices to consider. Those too will be shared. New York City’s restaurant industry was tremendously affected by the Coronavirus. Of course, what’s a visit to New York City without a hearty steak or mouth-watering pizza dinner? 

The presentation will also take attendees outside the city limits. Speaking of New York City’s hay day, who remembers the famous 1964-65 World’s Fair? The remaining relics of the World’s Fair are city icons onto themselves. They too will be spoken of. The New York Botanical Gardens is a must-see for all New York City visitors. A National Historic Landmark and a must-see for all agriculture fans, it is without-a-doubt atop the to-do list at any time of the year. What is New York City without its famed sports teams and sports stadiums? New York area sports fans route for the teams they’ve grown up around or the stadiums they’ve lived nearest to. In New York, there’s no arguing with tradition. Continuing on, the USS Intrepid will too make an appearance. Rounding off the presentation, mass transportation and the New York area’s cruising industry will be discussed. Finally, the New York area’s beaches will be shared in a top 5 listing. It’s all there waiting for all would-be New York visitors.

There you have it. My new presentation, “New York, NY: Never asleep…forever alive!” is coming together beautifully. I am greatly excited about it. Libraries around the country should be highly interested in it. All potential attendees ought to be tremendously excited about it. Who wouldn’t? The London Library (United Kingdom) should also be looking forward to hosting this presentation. Living just seven miles outside New York City is a true pleasure. Seeing the New York City skyline peaking over the hill is awe-inspiring. The view can’t make any New York area resident any prouder. They don’t call New York City “The greatest city in the world” for nothing. Ending the presentation with a bang, I will share a handful of quotes shared by well-known people throughout history. One of those quotes is by Dorothy Parker (1893-1967). She once said “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.”. With the current events we find ourselves immersed in, her quote holds true. She undoubtedly hits the nail on the head. In the end, that’s why I look at this presentation and truly believe that New York is never asleep. It will always be forever alive. “New York, NY: Never asleep…forever alive!” is dedicated to the memory of the 28,000+ New Yorkers who lost their lives to the Coronavirus. This one’s for them!

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