2017-18 has turned out to be the third coldest winter in northeastern United States history.

New Year’s week, the northeast was slammed with the third coldest temperatures on record. It was kind of odd watching everyone on TV at Time Square bungled up layer on top of layer. The temperatures were ten degrees or colder. Too cold? The winter weather had everyone wishing they were somewhere else. Who would want to be locked up inside their house with temperatures plummeting below twenty degrees? Again, too cold? Why not consider a handful of destinations that don’t require a parka, thermal underwear, and hand warmers? Here are five destinations to shed the heavy winter clothing and just “chill”.

Honolulu’s world-famous Waikiki Beach attracts millions from all over the world. In the background is iconic Diamond Head.

5) Hawaii: Who wouldn’t want to travel to Hawaii? People cruise to Hawaii, too. It is at the top of all couples’ lists of destinations. The four islands which draw the most attention are the Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. On the Big Island, visitors can take helicopter tours over the lava fields and Kilauea, the most active volcano on island. Also, why not take home some macadamia nuts? Oahu is home to Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and Punch Bowl National Cemetery. Visitors cannot miss on world-famous Waikiki Beach. It’s a photograph worth a million words.

On the island of Maui, anyone is bound to have a great time. Little Beach is a must-do. Little Beach is located in the village of Makena, on Maui’s western shore. Of all great places in Hawaii, Little Beach is among its great natural wonders. Little Beach is a clothing-optional beach, with a drum circle that forms every Sunday. From fire dancing, to hula dancing, to watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, what better place can anyone be? No matter which island is calling, Hawaii paints the perfect picture. Anybody would want to trade the cold weather for that.

Kissed by the sun, and visited by thousands from all over the country, Haulover Beach is Miami’s famous clothing- optional beach.

4) Miami: Of all destinations in the United States, is there any place warmer than Miami? Miami is the home to music legend Gloria Estefan. Miami is home to Latino beats, fine food, and the sexiest beaches in the world. Among those beaches are South Beach and Haulover Beach. Haulover Beach is located in Miami Beach. It is the largest clothing-optional beach in Florida. Haulover Beach is visited by thousands. At Haulover Beach, all that visitors need to bring is sun tan lotion, beach gear, birthday suit, and good humor to share. Haulover Beach is family-oriented and is the perfect place for those who wish to “take off” from the cold weather. After spending the day at Haulover Beach, everyone is sure to come back “re-nude”. Miami is referred to as “cruise ship central”. The Port of Miami on any day, handles up to twelve cruise ships at one time. Ft. Lauderdale’s Port Everglades, forty-five minutes north of Miami, handles approximately the same amount of traffic. At five o’clock, sailing time, both ports put on a show.

With winter temperatures in the 60s and 70s, Las Vegas is home to the fame, fun, and fortune craze.

3) Las Vegas: Any avid gamblers looking to escape the frigid cold temperatures? Anyone looking to win some “cold cash”? In Las Vegas, it’s out of the cold spell and time to heat up the those slot machines. With the cold temperatures in the northeast dealing a tough hand, Las Vegas can take any losing hand and make it a winner. From award winning casinos, to incredible hotels with every inch of entertainment available, Las Vegas is the perfect place to forget about the frigid cold.

Outside downtown Las Vegas is famous Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam forms the border between Nevada and Arizona. At the foot of Hoover Dam is the Colorado River with Lake Meade behind it. Lake Meade is the largest man-made body of water. Hoover Dam was completed in 1936, constructed of four and a half million cubic yards of concrete. That is enough concrete to build a two-lane highway from New York  City to Los Angeles. Whatever discomfort the cold weather brings about, Las Vegas is sure to heat things up. The cold temperatures cannot stop the would-be gambler and the sure-to-be fun seeker.

2) Jamaica: If there is one island in the Caribbean on which young adults are sure to have a memorable time, it is Jamaica. Jamaica is the one island with all the warmth, tranquility, and hospitality which all young adults desire. Jamaica is home to some of the most dynamic adult resorts in the world. Among the two best are Hedonism II and Couples Resort. Couples Resort is home to world-renowned Tower Isle. Tower Isle is the clothing-optional section. Tower Isle is accessed by boat. There, guests can enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and each other in the way mother nature intended.

With its water falls and warm water, the Blue Hole is a favorite among all young adults.

Jamaica is home to world famous Blue Mountain Coffee, Red Stripe Beer, and Applegate Estate Rum. Is it safe to say that Jamaica is known for Jerk Chicken? The most vibrant town on Jamaica is Negril, home to Rick’s Cafe. There, cliff jumping is the where the fun is at. Other fun activities on island are horseback riding, tubing on the White River, and climbing famous Dunn’s River Falls. Whether up for adventure, fun in the sun, or a week au-naturel, Jamaica has it all. It is where the frigid weather is eclipsed by the warmth of the ocean. Simply, it is the island where each and every visitor will “feel alright”.

1) St. Maarten/Martin: With all of its Dutch and French flavors, St. Maarten/Martin is the island where visitors can experience it all. St. Maarten/Martin is the ultimate island destination when it comes to getting away from the frigid cold temperatures. St. Maarten/Martin is perfect for couples and families. Whether flying or visiting by cruise ship, St. Maarten/Martin has something for everyone. For aviation fans, Maho Bay is the ultimate treat. The Princess Juliana Airport runway and the beach are less than one hundred feet apart. When the jets are landing, they are just one hundred feet above the water. For take-offs, everyone should make sure everything is tied down. Self-explanatory!

Cupecoy Beach is located north of Maho Beach, on St. Maarten/Martin’s northwestern shore.

Those who are looking for a clothing-optional escape, Orient Bay is the perfect beach location. With its caves and grottos formed by water erosion,  it is the ideal beach for everyone to enjoy life the way mother nature intended. For those who prefer the clothing-optional beaches on the French side, Happy Bay and Orient Bay are sure to please.

Is anyone up for duty-free shopping? Phillipsburg and Marigot have a smorgasbord of shops to browse through. The West Indies Mall is a definite must-do. High-end department stores can be found there. Anyone working up an appetite? Grand Case Bay is where the best gourmet restaurants can be discovered. It’s known as the “gourmet beach”. No matter what experiences visitors are in the mood for, St. Maarten/Martin is the perfect escape from the cold.

With the frigid cold temperatures taking their toll on the northeast, why not get away from them? With great destinations to experience outside the cold, why wait? Hawaii is everyone’s dream getaway. History, culture, and the romance all await. The Latin and upbeat lifestyle of Miami takes visitors by storm. If anyone is craving fortune and upbeat nightlife, fabulous Las Vegas has the key to the fun. In the mood for Jerk Chicken or a romantic beach setting? Jamaica is the perfect place. Anyone who’s up for low flying aircraft, gourmet cooking, and the perfect clothing-optional experience, St. Maarten/Martin is the ultimate getaway. When the cold temperatures roll in, it’s time to head out to where both sun and fun are meant to be felt.


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