As the cruising industry continues to forge ahead after the COVID pandemic, things have never looked better. Cruise lines are setting records on bookings as if the pandemic never happened. So, normalcy continues to forge on. The fun forges on. Favorite onboard activities have returned. Buffets have not disappeared as many had feared. No cruise is fun without a buffet of any kind. When it comes to the formal night on board, there is one thing which guests must remember-neckties are still in. Everyone thought that neckties were disappearing from the everyday dress code. On a cruise, neckties are still in. Why? Here’s the top three reasons why.

3. Consider the definition: Define formal night. It’s that simple. During the formal night, proper attire includes tuxedos, suits or slacks (jackets required) for men and evening gowns. Women wear their cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits. Jeans are welcome in all dining venues during the day, but inadequate for dinner or cocktail hour. Did someone say tuxedo? The tuxedo can be left home. Men should pack at least three neckties. The best ties to be packed are the themed ones. Whether sports, hobbies, or just plain jazzy color themed, neckties spice up the occasion. Who even suggested the idea of losing the necktie? When on a cruise, neckties are a must-have.

2. Women love them! Who said that women don’t like neckties? On a cruise, neckties are a fun tool. Even better, neckties complement the women’s formal outfits. If she’s gonna wear something snazzy, he should pack a necktie that matches. If she’s wearing something bright and multicolored, then he should pack a necktie that looks the same. If she’s going to wear a black and gold outfit, then he should find something that is similar, such as a Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins tie. The necktie completes the man’s look all together. Ultimately, it completes a couple’s look on formal night. Formal night is about complementing each other. It brings electricity to the occasion. It adds a “feng schui” to the dining room table. When the men are sporting good looking neckties, it’s gonna be a good night for the women.

1. It’s all about the photo package. During any cruise, the formal night is going to feature plenty of glitz and glamour. That’s all true. The one thing that all cruises have in common is that there are plenty of photographers roaming around. Whether they’re taking photos of individuals, couples, families, or of everyone at the table, the men should make sure they have their neckties on right. More importantly, everyone is sure to look for the picture in the ship’s digital photo gallery. Outside the dining room, the photographers are in action once again, taking backdrop portrait photographs. They’re out in full force encouraging guests to purchase the best photo package. Whatever photo package is of interest, there are plenty of memories forged. With all of those photographs taken, it pays to have plenty of good neckties packed for the cruise. Further, the photo package has no spice or value without neckties being worn. With no neckties, there’s a blatant absence of energy. Neckties make every photo package shine. What’s any photo package worth without the men’s neckties being commented on? With neckties worn in the photo package, there is a guaranteed stamp of approval. Without a doubt, neckties + photo package = Kodak moment.

Cruising is back on top as the number one vacation experience on the travel list. From nonstop entertainment, to learning new things, to meeting new and interesting people, cruises bring it all together. The one variable that is truly not going to disappear, is the vitality of wearing neckties. Neckties bring out the best in all men of all ages. What’s is the formal night without neckties? Consider the definition. The formal night is nothing without them. No men’s outfit is complete without them. They undoubtedly complement the women’s outfits. Whatever they’re wearing, the men by all means should wear neckties that match. Neckties are the icing on the cake at all formal nights. Women love them! When it comes to dressing good and looking good, the neckties raise the value of the photo package. Without neckties worn, what’s to look at? There’s nothing for the women to comment on. Neckties are more than the x-factor on a cruise. The are unquestionably the “feng schui” factor. Cruises are where glitz, glamor, spontaneity, sexiness, and excitement come out at once. Neckties, undoubtedly, “tie” it all together.

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