Ever since I started doing my travel presentations in January 2015, I couldn’t have been more excited and proud of how far I’ve come. I have written four travel presentations; on cruising, on Amtrak travel, on Walt Disney World, and Washington DC. Currently, I have two new presentations, Newport, RI and the New Jersey shore, to be completed by early May. Libraries and library patrons cannot be more excited about these presentations. Without a doubt, they have opened their eyes considerably.

David Kriso has been writing since 2011. Here he is living it up at the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
David Kriso has been writing since 2011. Here he is living it up at the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The level of interest and the success of my presentations have lead me to an incredible idea.  I was inspired to come up with an incentive for my venues. Whether a new location or past location, it is an incentive which will allow any venue to look forward to something even more. The incentive goes like this. I will be allowing venues to pick any one my travel presentations. The first presentation will cost $200.00. All additional choices will cost just $25.00. The incentive is budget friendly for the venues and a great advantage for patrons, too. If a venue should have any issues, I will work out a cost with them to fit their budget.

Doing these travel presentations has added an exciting realm to my travel writing. With my new presentations on Newport, RI and the New Jersey shore in the production stages, my incentive couldn’t come at a better time. Giving venues the opportunity to have me present more than one program of their choice cannot be more exciting. For the venues, libraries predominantly, their patrons will be more than excited to know that I’ll be back before they know it. Not only is this incentive good for the venues, but it works even more favorably for the patrons. Why not go to my cruising presentation, and then go to my presentation on Washington DC, and possibly a third presentation on Newport, RI? It is all about giving patrons something more to look forward to and something to be curious about. Further, patrons will have an idea of a traveling experience they’ve always thought about.

David, standing along side Amtrak's new workhorse, the ACS-64 electric engine at Washington DC's Union Station. *Photo taken on National Train Day in May 2014.
David, standing along side Amtrak’s new workhorse, the ACS-64 electric engine at Washington DC’s Union Station. *Photo taken on National Train Day in May 2014.

Writing and lecturing about travel has been a rewarding experience for me. I wish the very same for all venues and their patrons. I want them to have fun learning something new, and leave them curious about an upcoming topic. The incentive benefits both the venues and their patrons. As they say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. This incentive will enable venues to become more familiar with my work. In the long run, it will most definitely inspire patrons to become more knowledgeable about topics they’ve always wanted to learn about.  It goes without saying, that traveling is the single most rewarding investment anyone can make. This incentive will assuredly make that a reality.

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David Kriso has been a travel writer since August 2011. He is a contributing writer for both of his hometown's newspapers, The Gazette, and The Observer. His articles focus on cruise and railroad travel. David is also published online at ProwsEdge.com, a cruise magazine based in Vancouver, Canada and at Amtrak's story site, Whistlestop.Amtrak.com. David also writes for the publication Examiner.com. On Examiner.com, he writes about cruise and rail travel. David is a long-time train traveler, avid cruiser, and a Disney traveler since age 4.

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