The chills of winter are dying down. Spring is finally approaching! Though there’s still a bit of a cool chill in the air, the time as again finally arrived. Summer time! When it’s summer time, New Jersey Shore time! Whether dreaming of the young crowd’s paradise of Seaside Heights, tranquil Bay Head, the friendly confines of Point Pleasant, or the clothing optional getaway at Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach, the anticipation is presently growing. Families, couples, and young adults alike can’t wait to lose the parka, the flannel pajamas, and the sweat clothes. The visions of sand, surf, beach volleyball, massive sand castles, and strolling the boardwalks are dancing through their heads. Whether a first-time or seasoned New Jersey Shore goer, here’s a cheat sheet to ease the stress of preparing for a memorable summer ahead. It’s not just a cheat sheet, it’s the ‘bare’ essentials.

1) Wind barriers: These work wonders! Wind barriers are a must have on the cheat sheet. Wind barriers prevent flying debris from interfering with the flow of a fun day. They also provide much desired privacy. Who wants the remnants of someone’s picnic or pizza party winding up on their beach blanket? The cheap ones get blown down with one little gust. The best wind barriers to shop for are the ones made of high quality marine fabric.

2) Insect shelters: On any beach cheat sheet, it’s vital to add this item to the list. It’s vital to keep out those annoying little biting critters, including knats and mosquitoes. Families, couples, etc. can easily set up their stuff inside. All that one has to do is unzip it to walk in our exit. However, one must remember to zip it back up.

3) Sunglasses: They’re a must. During the summer, the eyes are the most important parts of the body worth protecting. At any beach, the sun’s rays can do harm to anyone’s eyes when outdoors for long periods of time. The best brand of sunglasses for adults is Maui Jim. To make any pair of sunglasses user-friendly, attaching an adjustable strap to the ear pieces works wonders.

4) Cover-up clothing: A trusty pair of sunglasses should be paired with a reliable cover-up outfit. Whenever not soaking up sun or jumping the waves, it’s paramount to keep the body covered up from the sun and free-flying sand and debris. Such clothing can be found at a marine store, a sporting goods store, camping gear store, or any department store.

5) Cooler: On any long day at the beach, it’s imperative to have a cooler filled with thirst quenchers, beer, malt beverages, lemonade, iced tea, perishables, and at best-bottled water. Soda should be left out. The best coolers to purchase are the ones with wheels and a drag handle.

6) Sun tan lotion: No cheat sheet is complete without sun tan lotion. No one goes to any nude beach without the proper protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s paramount to use a well-recommended brand of sun tan lotion such as Coppertone, Hawaiian Tropic, or Banana Boat. Purchasing a sun tan lotion with the proper SBF (Sun Block Factor) is just as important. On a blistering, sweltering hot day, an SBF of 30 or 50 is acceptable.

7) Sense of humor: At any beach on the New Jersey Shore, there is nothing more pleasant than sharing a fun conversation with friends, family, or fiancé. Sharing funny stories, funny jokes, or playing a funny prank on someone are among the examples of good humor to share during a long satisfying day on any New Jersey beach. Note regarding funny pranks: Keep them clean!

The New Jersey Shore: It’s the amazing stretch of coastline where anyone can enjoy life outside the stresses of everyday life. The New Jersey Shore is the special place where the land meets the sea, and where the sea meets the mind. With another summer season quickly approaching, the excitement and anticipation is gradually growing. Before dreaming of going for that stroll along the beachfront with the kids, the family, or significant other, it’s best to have a cheat sheet set up for when that beautiful beach day rolls around. Got a set of wind barriers? Have a reliable pair of sunglasses? Purchase a new cover-up outfit? Have a reliable cooler to hold all of your favorite drinks and perishables? Have a strong sun tan lotion packed? Ultimately, any funny stories and funny pranks to pull on someone at a minute’s notice? It’s all good. Jersey Shore goers are reputable for having old fashioned fun. With this cheat sheet, and being fully prepared at all times, this coming summer and following summers will be without a doubt the utmost astonishing and gratifying.

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