As the cruising industry gradually continues to move towards normalcy, cruisers continue to make their plans to return to the high seas. There can’t be a better time to start planning to cruise again. There’s the check-in process at the terminal, the first buffet lunch, the sail away party, and of course-the first dinner at sea. The energy cannot be higher. Amidst all the anticipation, one big question remains. Has everyone taken into consideration what’s allowed and not allowed toiletry-wise? Tucked away in all cruisers’ luggage, is the toiletry bag. When it comes to sailing day, packing the proper toiletries is vital. What’s packed in the toiletry bag has a huge effect on the outcome of the entire cruise. How so? It’s not so much of what should be packed in the toiletry bag. It’s how much of each item is allowed. Cruisers must keep note the following tips.

#3) Follow the 3-1-1 rule! When flying to a port city, cruisers MUST adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. It’s a shame that many travelers don’t know the 3-1-1 rule. The 3-1-1 rule dates back to 2006, shortly after the events of September 11th. The 3-1-1 rule stands for: 3 ounces, a 1 quart sandwich bag, and 1 per passenger. All pastes (i.e. toothpaste), creams, lotions, and liquid items (ex. aftershaves and perfumes) must be 3 ounces or less. Prior to packing their luggage, cruisers must inspect their toiletry bag to make sure that all of these items are the proper (oz) size. Anything over 3 ounces will not “fly” with the TSA.

#2) Trains, buses, and automobiles: Yes, the airlines and airport security are a hassle regarding luggage, including abiding by the 3-1-1 rule. It’s all true. When traveling to a port city by train, bus, limo, or car service, there’s no need to panic. Amtrak allows up to 4 checked bags per person, with the first 2 being free. The third and fourth bags cost $20.00 each. With regards to the toiletry bag, cruisers do not have to worry. Shaving gels, pastes, liquids, creams, etc can be more than 3 ounces. Cruisers can breathe easy!

#1) Spare batteries: All cruisers alike often obsess with packing the essentials. There’s always a long packing list to consider. In every cruiser’s toiletry bag, there are some additional necessities that should not be forgotten. Electric devices such as battery powered shavers and battery powered toothbrushes should be packed with spare batteries. Spare batteries should be purchased AT HOME. Both men and women pack their own assortment of battery powered items. Whatever batteries bathroom devices require, having spare sets of batteries on hand goes a long way. Note: Batteries sold on board ship cost double the amount of that sold on land. Cruisers are sure to score brownie points by packing rechargeable batteries.

Before leaving the house for the airport or the pier (if sailing locally), cruisers must do a double check through their toiletry bag. There is one item which all cruisers should not forget to pack. Even if they don’t use it, it’s good to have it handy in the toiletry bag. All cruisers should pack Dramamine! Dramamine is carried in all on board gift shops, but it’s sold at a steep price-same as batteries. Cruisers who suffer from sea sickness should and MUST pack Dramamine. Cruisers who seldom suffer from sea sickness, should still pack Dramamine. On board ship, guests should not be surprised how quickly Dramamine sells out. Dramamine is essential! As said in the American Express commercials, “Don’t leave home without it!”.

Cruising is back! Periodically, cruise lines are increasing the guest capacity on all ships. Presently, more than half the ships industry wide are back in service. Even though the Omicron variant is the poses an obstacle in the road to normalcy, the excitement and anticipation continues to grow. It is perfectly normal to be excited about an upcoming cruise. While the energy continues to build, cruisers-both first time and seasoned, should take the time to do an inspection of their toiletry bags. The toiletry bag is every cruiser’s best friend. When flying, cruisers should adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, keeping to the 3 ounce limit. If traveling by train, limo, or bus, cruisers can pack toiletries over 3 ounces. Principally, spare batteries are a must-have. Lastly, cruisers should not forget to pack Dramamine. For further details on packing for a cruise, the article “Packing for a cruise: The top 5 essentials” is a must-read. Also, cruisers should watch the presentation “Cruising: Making waves and sense” on The link is

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