A cruise-the ultimate vacation getaway for couples and families alike. Whether it’s a honeymoon, a family reunion, retirement, or even a first-time cruise vacation, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. From the non-stop on-board entertainment, to trying exotic foods, to tasting hand-crafted cocktails poolside, sailing day opens up plenty of doors. For first-timers, whether on sailing on a certain cruise line for the first time, there’s plenty to look forward to. The list of sailing day chores are countless. What are the most important must-do’s? Having read this sailing day must-do list, cruisers should look no further.

5) Meeting the cruise director: From the captain, to the hotel director, to the cruise director, mixing and mingling with the ship’s senior staff is a true pleasure. It’s a ‘must’ must-do. The cruise director, the brains behind all of the entertainment, is always a first to look for. Before the arrived, the cruise director has the sailing day activities all planned out. From the guest comedian, to the “Welcome aboard!” show, to the headliner shows, he/she brings it all together. Any questions regarding entertainment, the cruise director is the person to track down. The cruise director goes out of the way to make sure that during every cruise, all guests have a grand old time together.

4) Touring the spa: Taking advantage of being pampered is a major must-do on sailing day. What’s a better place on any cruise than the spa? The spa is the place on board any cruise vessel where guests can be relax, rejuvenate, and yes-regroup from the stressful process of work, putting up with the kids’ schedules, and of course-daily life itself. On sailing day, it’s a must for guests to take a tour of the spa and discover what treatments and services are available. Also, sailing day is the best day to take advantage of special packages deals that the spa staff has to offer. From massages, to mud packs, to steam baths, to getting their hair done, it’s all there at the spa waiting. The spa is the perfect place to get away from normalcy and hit life’s reset button.

3) Shore excursions: Whether reading about them prior to or on sailing day, shore excursions are highlight of every cruise. From jet skiing, to beach outings, to Segway scooter tours, to sailboat excursions, they make every single port-of-call well worth the time and anticipation. Each and every port-of-call offers a variety of shore excursions for both couples and families. Once safely aboard the vessel, guests should visit the shore excursions desk. For the adventurous cruisers, booking shore excursions is undoubtedly a must-do. The shore excursions staff will provide a pamphlet listing all of the shore excursions along with descriptions. Further, the shore excursions staff can answer any questions guests may have and further elaborate on key information about each shore adventure (minimum age, height and weight limit, and recommended clothing to be worn).

2) Dining room inquiries: On sailing day, inquiring about dining arrangements is a vital must-do. On board every cruise ship, the dining room is the place guests cannot look forward more to. The dining room is where the food is truly unforgettable, the service is over-the-top incredible, and the up close and personal attention to guests’ dining requests take #1 priority. Once aboard the ship, the dining room is open for guests to visit and see their assigned tables, make any table changes, or changes to their dinner seating time. There is the early seating (ex. 5:30) and the late seating (ex. 8 pm). All dining inquiries, including food allergies, must be addressed in the dining room with the head waiter and/or executive chef as promptly as possible.

1) Stateroom concerns: The most anticipated part of any cruise vacation is the guests entering their stateroom for the first time. On sailing day, opening the stateroom door for the first time is one of the most anticipated moments. Whether it’s a honeymoon off to an exhilarating start, to finding that bottle of champagne on the dresser, to seeing those towel animals on the bed, and best-testing out those toilets with the iconic vacuum-like flush effect, they’re all part of an unforgettable sailing day experience. The stateroom is the guests’ home away from home. Regardless of occasion, every stateroom comes with the special needs for all guests. Most important-the guests meeting their stateroom attendants is the must-do of all must-do’s. No request or concern is too big or too small for the stateroom attendant. The stateroom attendant will do whatever’s necessary and/or requested to make that home away from home experience as memorable and pleasurable as possible.

Of all days cruise passengers look forward to, sailing day is the grand daddy of them all. It is the utmost epic. The excitement and anticipation are at their peak. On sailing day, however, there is much housekeeping to do. For a cruise to turn out as successful as predicted, taking care of the must-do’s is a “must”. Yes, tracking down the cruise director is a must. Locating the spa is the utmost important for those who enjoy the on-board pampering effect. Getting those shore excursions booked is fundamental. For those who are meticulous about their dining arrangements, visiting the dining room is paramount. Lastly, guests who just want to see their home away from home, getting into the staterooms is imperative. Sailing day is every guest’s special day. Without sailing day must-do’s, a cruise would have no meaning at all. Once completed, the cruise is off to a flying start and “smooth sailing” ahead.

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