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The neverending challenges of the cruise line check-in staff

With the cruising industry slowly returning to service after suspending sailings due to the Coronavirus, there is much anticipation about who will be sailing when. For months on end, millions of guests have been anxiously waiting for this moment. Guests are indeed excited to get back to sailing the high seas. The cruise terminal check-in …

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Sailing day: The top 5 on-board must-do’s

A cruise-the ultimate vacation getaway for couples and families alike. Whether it’s a honeymoon, a family reunion, retirement, or even a first-time cruise vacation, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. From the non-stop on-board entertainment, to trying exotic foods, to tasting hand-crafted cocktails poolside, sailing day opens up plenty of doors. For first-timers, whether …

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Winter travel: Be prepared, be healthy, and stay warm!

Has anyone thought this winter would be this frigid? For more than a month, the temperatures in the northeastern United States have been dipping close to zero. The wind chill has made these near-zero temperatures feel five times colder. For those who are looking forward to traveling during these frigid winter months, there’s plenty to …