Back in 2018, long before the COVID pandemic, I introduced a new service. In addition to my travel writing and lecturing, I wanted to take my travel presentations and do something special. I wanted to make my travel presentations more engaging and sociable. I introduced the idea of doing travel parties. Whether the party was to be for a graduation, retirement, or birthday, a party would be the perfect way to celebrate the world of travel. I couldn’t imagine how exciting it would be to do parties inspired by a form of travel or popular destination. There was plenty of interest and plenty of inquiries. Then, the Coronavirus struck the country. I thought I would never see this new venture take shape. Now with travel strongly bouncing back, I am ready to make my idea of the travel party a reality. What’s the travel party all about? Here’s what to look forward to. It’s all about the five W’s.

Who: My presentations have been mostly geared towards adults-both young, middle-aged, and the elderly. However, there are topics appropriate for youngsters, too. My presentations on Walt Disney World, Washington, DC, the New Jersey Shore, and Pittsburgh are among the prime examples. These parties were meant to be and always will be inclusive, not exclusive. No matter what the age group, bringing the form of travel or destination to someone’s home is not only the ultimate experience, but the perfect experience.

What: Over the course of seven years, I have built a selection of 21 travel presentations. Among the 21 topics are my 3 most recent on New York City, Pittsburgh, PA, and budget travel. Many of my travel presentations have had their share of popularity including cruising, Amtrak, Walt Disney World, Hawaii, and the New Jersey Shore. All have been well-received. Each and every one of those presentations received plenty of positive comments and rave reviews. However, there are a handful of topics that could use a travel party to boost their popularity. Jamaica, Bermuda, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Newport, RI, and and Jamaica are sure to make any travel party worth the while. A travel party could very well be what the doctor ordered.

When: As soon as the COVID pandemic fades away, hopefully by late 2022, the party can go on. 2022-23 can’t be a better time for a travel party. As long as there is a burning desire to hit the rails, the waves, the skies, or a destination calling one’s name, a travel party is the perfect way to share the excitement with others. Let it be the perfect “going away party” for any age.

Where: Wherever the party is set to take place is at the discretion of the client. It can be an indoor or outdoor setting, or even both! It could be at someone’s home or at a rented hall. It is entirely up to the client. *Finding an adequate location is the responsibility of the client.

Why: What’s the point of the travel party? Why should anyone want to plan and book a party of this type? Some parties have a good start and just die out. The energy and interest level dissipate with it. Everyone’s been to that party where there was no theme and no focal point. By choosing any one of 21 travel presentation topics, the travel party can be themed to that topic. The presentation will be included in the party, free of charge. Ultimately, a travel party adds a whole new level of excitement and anticipation to the occasion and potentially the upcoming vacation. Any other party style would just cause guests to leave early. With a travel party, guests are guaranteed to be writing postcards home about their exhilarating experience.

With the travel industry bouncing back, there can’t be a better way to celebrate such a proud moment. There are plenty of retirements, promotions, graduations, and birthdays to be celebrated. The ultimate way to celebrate these milestones is via the world of travel. Clients should be advised on some important notes. The minimum time is two hours for $500.00. Every extra hour costs $50.00. Theming and decorations are additional, depending on the client’s wishes. Due to food allergy concerns, food and beverage is entirely the responsibility of the client. With the holiday season approaching and a new year lurking around the corner, let a travel party be a new approach to forging new memories. By celebrating a form of travel or destination at home, the thrill of arriving there is half the fun.

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David Kriso has been a travel writer since August 2011. He is a contributing writer for both of his hometown's newspapers, The Gazette, and The Observer. His articles focus on cruise and railroad travel. David is also published online at, a cruise magazine based in Vancouver, Canada and at Amtrak's story site, David also writes for the publication On, he writes about cruise and rail travel. David is a long-time train traveler, avid cruiser, and a Disney traveler since age 4.

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