It’s mid-December. The crumby, raw, and cold weather is here. It’s that perfect time for everyone who live in such abysmal winter conditions to pick up the phone or get online and book a cruise. Whether cruising for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, or purchasing a well-deserved winter getaway for the family, it is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the gift which yields plentiful benefits. Whether its a charter cruise such as the 80s cruise, the Bare-Necessities cruise, Legends of Pittsburgh cruise, a special group cruise, or just a family escape from the stresses of life, cruising is the ultimate winter getaway. The fact of the matter is not everyone is keen on sailing during the winter. To those who rarely cruise during the winter, here are the reasons why cruising during the holidays or during the winter in general is the perfect traveling experience.

5. Beating the cold weather: Among the chief reasons to sail during the winter is getting away from the beastly winter weather. Blizzard conditions, sleet, threatening snow storms, and frigid temperatures are all the reasons for couples and families to hit the waves. There is nothing like taking off from a snow-covered Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) or New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), and landing in Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, or Miami. In Florida, there isn’t a snowflake to be seen. It’s good-bye to thirty degrees and dreary and hello to a warm and welcoming eighty-five degrees. There is simply nothing better than arriving at the cruise terminal in warm weather. There is definitely nothing like being surrounded by water, surrounded by like-minded people, and best-surrounded by non-stop around-the-clock activities and entertainment. Who throws snowballs at sea? Has anyone ever seen a cruise ship with a snow plow mounted to its bow? That will never happen. It’s all a part of why cruising is the ultimate escape from the winter weather conditions.

4. Warmer weather: In retrospect to #5, there is simply nothing better than bidding farewell to the dreariness of winter back home and enjoying the refreshing warm weather of the Caribbean or even the Pacific. Once the ship is out at sea, it’s all good. It’s time to let the cruise director, his/her staff, and the rest of the talented onboard team to do the rest. From a glorious “Welcome Aboard” buffet lunch, to touring the ship’s spa, to digesting the daily cruise program, what goes on at home, stays home. Even if it’s three feet of snow building up in the driveway, being at sea puts an instant smile on everyone’s face. Everyone’s happy once on board ship, particularly on the Bare-Necessities charter! Did someone say “clothes”? Did someone say “swimsuit”? Choosing warmer weather over the dreadful cold is the right foot forward.

3. Non-stop party: When was the last time anyone went to one party after another, for seven days straight? Sometimes it’s not just seven days. It can be twelve days! Everyone has heard the line “What happens on board, stays on board!”. Each and every day on board ship, there is always something exciting going on. From bingo, to art auctions with free champagne, to cooking demonstrations, to poolside competitions (i.e. belly-flop competition), who wants to think about what’s happening back home? What happens on land, stays on land. On a cruise ship, it’s a party atmosphere like no other. Like at any party, no matter what happens on board, there are plenty of memories being made. Even in the dining room, a pleasant conversation is sure to be drummed up every night. The dining staff too are sure to put on a show of their own. On board ship, the anticipation is always at the highest octave imaginable. If anyone could offer the proper definition of a cruise it’s: n. a non-stop floating party on the move.

2. Endless shopping: Whether it is a Christmas cruise for the family or a special occasion for someone, there is one thing that a cruise vacation has that no other vacation has at all-endless shopping. Duty-free shopping on board any cruise ship is the ultimate shopping experience. In each and every shop, cruise line shopping experts are always there to help guests decide on the best presents for that special someone. Whether it’s finding the right proper Christmas present, a memorable birthday present, the perfect engagement ring, to the right-fitting necklace, or the best-fitting beach outfit, the ship’s shopping experts are there to provide that much needed hint of advice. On sea days, the shopping experts do special talks on the best places to go shopping at ports-of-call. Onboard ship or on land, shopping is among the most sought activities on any cruise vacation. Shopping is the game, and the ship’s shopping experts help guests step up their game.

1. Tradition: Some go on a cruise during the winter to escape the horrific weather. Some cruise during the winter to enjoy the warm weather. Some like to cruise during the winter to enjoy the many customs celebrated in the Caribbean during that time frame. Did someone say “customs”? No matter how many times anyone cruises during the winter, or where they sail during the winter, there is one chief reason why so many love cruising during the winter months. That reason is TRADITION. Once a couple, a family, or a group of girlfriends decide to hit the waves for a week or two, and gain an instant liking to the idea, it all becomes a tradition. When a group of guy friends go on a cruise together, and all they can think of is the belly-flop competition, World’s Sexiest Man competition, or drinking-making competition, it becomes a tradition. When a couple enjoys going on the Bare-Necessities charter cruise or the Legends of Pittsburgh cruise year after year, it’s a tradition that never gets old.

What makes a winter cruise so special? With Christmas in full effect, to the temperature dipping lower and lower, to seeing airports crowded day after day, to malls teaming with big deal hungry shoppers, a cruise is the perfect escape from all of the chaos. On board any cruise ship, there may be some chaos, but it’s a controlled chaos-the kind of relaxing chaos which any traveler can get used to. From escaping the cold weather for warm weather, to taking part in a non-stop party, to endless hours of shopping, a cruise is the ultimate antidote to the non-stop harshness of winter’s wrath. No matter what the occasion may be, from celebrating the 80s, breaking the ice into an alternative lifestyle, to just enjoying the company of friends, cruising is the perfect answer to the rawness of winter. Not only is it the perfect answer, it is the perfect getaway, the perfect present, and the perfect tradition.

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