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Walt Disney World

Anniversary caliber attractions at Walt Disney World

Can anyone remember where they were on October 1st, 1971? Can anyone remember their favorite amusement parks from their childhood days? On October 1st, 2021, Walt Disney World will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. One can remember Walt Disney World’s 15th back in 1986, and its 20th in 1991. Who can forget the 25th anniversary …


“Walt Disney World: To the Mouse, the castle, and beyond!” is making magic

So many have attended my lecture, “Cruising: Making Waves & Sense”. It has been an immediate success and well-received. So far, three libraries have booked my latest program, “Amtrak: Staying On ‘Track’ With America’s Railroad”. I can’t be more excited to present the topic in late September. While my Amtrak presentation is picking up speed, …