It’s mid-July. The summer cruising season is in full swing. Summer is actually reaching its midway point. The 4th of July has come and gone, turning the page to shopping for school supplies. It may sound too early to talk about winter cruises, but summer is the right time to discuss such an idea. Of all cruises, the most exciting type is charter cruises. Charter cruises are ‘waves’ of fun. Aside from the activities provided by the cruise line, the chartering company’s staff adds on a whole plethora of opportunities for guests onboard. Exactly, how exciting are charter cruises? What are the exciting and uncharted pleasures that await guests every step of the way?

5) Discovering new travel experiences: The big difference between regular cruises and charter cruises is getting to try new travel experiences. What type of unique travel experiences, exactly? For instance, the Legends of Pittsburgh cruise is one of the most exciting charter cruises. It is the ultimate cruise for football fans, particularly Pittsburgh Steelers fans. When it comes to travel experiences, the Terrible Towel travels everywhere. The Terrible Towel is equivalent to the American Express Card. Steelers fans never leave home without it. The Legends of Pittsburgh cruise features Steelers players and coaches, both past and present. Further, there are special festivities held onboard and ashore, especially at the hosting cruise line’s private island. Without a doubt, it is one of the most unforgettable travel experiences for football fans alike. The fun kicks off by visiting

4) Like-minded shipmates: Unlike regular cruises, charter cruises provide guests the uncharted pleasure of meeting, mixing, and mingling with like-minded shipmates. Like-minded shipmates? How so? Cruisers should consider the Singles Cruise for example. Cruises are not entirely for married couples. Even though everyone’s dating stories may differ, but everyone onboard share a common ground with their like-minded shipmates. Whether spending the time with shipmates on the pool deck or in the ship’s clubs, all single guests bond quickly. Even at the cruise line’s private island, singles too bond quickly in the manner the dating world intended. From enjoying specialty drinks poolside, discussing interests over pizza, enjoying ‘high tea’ with good company, or sharing laughs in the main dining room, the comradery among shipmates is invulnerable. The uncharted voyage begins at

3) Sharing common interests: Let it be known that there is a market for merely everything in the cruising industry. Charter cruises feature a wide array of themes and assortment of interests that pertain to every cruiser. For avid music fans, there is the 60s cruise, aka Flower Power Cruise. There is also the 80s Cruise, for guests who love to reminisce the ‘big hair’ life of the 80s. Onboard the 90s Cruise, guests enjoy immersing themselves in the influential music of the 90s. There’s even the Ultimate Disco Cruise, giving guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the era of the Bee Gees; the late 1970s. Cruisers can learn more about the 60s cruise by visiting Guests interested in the the 80s and 90s cruises can visit and For guests who still have their bell bottoms can visit For avid sports fans, particularly Pittsburgh Steelers football fans, they can visit

2) Cruising from an entirely new angle: If anyone has wondered in what ways chartered cruises benefit cruisers in the long run, there’s plenty. Charter cruises provide the opportunity to experience the nostalgia of cruising from whole new angle. Adults, married or not, there are plenty of cruising experiences which they can meet and mingle with new friends. The clothing optional cruise with Bare-Necessities Tour & Travel is among the highly recommended traveling experiences. It’s a unique angle worth exploring. Cruisers can visit for further information. For adults, married or not, who are looking to spend a week in more intimate environment, the Bliss Cruise is too a popular cruising experience. Cruisers can visit No matter what angle cruisers wish to explore the world from, charter cruises do just that. No matter what the activities, no matter what the ship, that whole new angle awaits.

1) Spectacular memories: What sets charter cruises apart from regular cruises? On all cruises, the food is always worth talking about. The non-stop entertainment is too worth the conversation. The ‘x’ factor which puts charter cruises above regular cruises is the spectacular memories. Undoubtedly, memories are powerful, especially charter cruise memories. Memories are made when the ship’s photographers capture those unforgettable moments by the pool, at the dinner table, and ashore. Memories are made when cruisers enjoy swimming in the Caribbean in the way they’ve never tried; au naturel. Memories are made when single adults meet and reminisce over a romantic dinner setting. Memories are made when professional football fans can wave their Terrible Towels in the middle of the ocean. Making spectacular memories is capturing little pieces of time on board that last forever.

Summer is approaching its halfway point. Everyone’s enjoying their backyard pool parties, BBQ bashes, day trips to the theme parks and water parks, and of course-cruising. Cruising is fun during the summertime, but charter cruises during the late Fall and Winter months make for the best traveling experiences cruisers of all ages could have. They are unique travel experiences worth writing home about. They put an exclamation point on any cruise experience. Charter cruises open the door for all cruisers alike to mix and mingle with exciting like-minded shipmates. Charter cruises are indeed more than blending with like-minded shipmates. They’re about sharing similar interests, whether its about sports, music, or lifestyle. Undeniably, charter cruises open the door to enjoy cruising from an entirely new angle. Supremely, charter cruises open the door to forging spectacular memories. Whatever those memories may consist of, they lead to subsequent charter cruises of any kind. All together, charter cruises are the ultimate getaway for all cruisers. They are uncharted odysseys for the adventurous traveler. They’re uncharted stories for travelers who enjoy living life unscripted. Chiefly, charter cruises are electrifying adventures. They are adventures mixed with uncharted pleasures, newly explored angles, and spectacular memories treasured forever.

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