TSA Pre-Check allows travelers to greatly reduce their wait time at U.S. airports.
TSA Pre-Check allows travelers to greatly reduce their wait time at U.S. airports.

Everyone has heard on the news about the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) encountering trouble at U.S. airports. They are warning about longer lines to come in the near future. They said that only nine million travelers have enrolled in the TSA Pre-Check program. This is a significant opposite to the twenty-five million they expected to enroll in the program. TSA Pre-Check allows travelers to go through airport security without the inconvenience of waiting in the normal line. Why arrive at the airport two hours prior to a flight? Why should travelers want to risk missing their flight because of long airport security lines? TSA Pre-Check is the way to go. It is the single greatest investment travelers can make. Here’s how, where, and why to enroll.

Flying post-9/11 cannot be any more of a chore. TSA Pre-Check greatly reduces the frustration, the agony, and the growing impatience that a traveler has to face every trip. Whether going or returning, travelers have to take off their shoes, belts, and so forth. Since when were airport security checkpoints becoming clothing optional resorts? It’s absolutely ridiculous for millions of travelers to deal with the inconvenience of juggling their shoes and everything else while the TSA screeners are treating them like criminals. Travelers don’t need to deal with such agony. There are plenty of locations to enroll in the TSA Pre-Check program. It is simple. The process, without a doubt, is not as time-consuming as waiting in the airport security line. It is the best $85.00 investment any traveler can make. Going on a long-awaited vacation or traveling on business should be a pleasant experience, not a stressful one.

Travelers can enroll at a handful of locations. Travelers can visit www.indentogo.com. Identogo has locations in eighteen states, including New York, New Jersey, and District of Columbia, Online, they can look up the list of locations where TSA Pre-Check enrollment is available. Travelers can enroll in Newark, NJ at 532 Raymond Boulevard, There is also an enrollment center in Paramus, NJ at 299 Forest Avenue; 1st Floor; Suite B.

In New York, there is a wide array of TSA Pre-Check enrollment locations. In Manhattan, there are two; 247 W. 35th Street; 2nd Floor; Suite 201, and 1412 Broadway; 17th Floor. In the DC area, locations are at 899 N. Capitol Street NE; First Floor, and in Alexandria, VA at 3139 Duke Street. All other locations can be found at www.indentogo.com.

At any US airport, enrolled travelers easily pass through security without removing their laptops, shoes, and belts.
At any US airport, enrolled travelers easily pass through security without removing their laptops, shoes, and belts.

How does the enrollment process work? It is very easy. First, travelers should make their appointment online. It is most recommended to do so, to avoid long wait times via phone. Next, travelers need to bring their appointment confirmation with them to the enrollment location of their choice. Afterwards, they’ll be called over to an Indentogo worker’s desk. There, travelers’ digital fingerprints will be taken. Their contact information will also be confirmed.  To be granted TSA Pre-Check enrollment, every traveler is subjected to a strict background check. Finally, travelers are asked to answer a few security questions, enter a PIN number, and accept the terms of the program. Payment is accepted on location. Credit cards are accepted. The cost of enrollment is $85.00.

Once all of the pertinent information has been obtained, travelers are free to go. Within a week to ten days, travelers will receive a letter in the mail indicating that they’ve been approved. Printed in the letter, is the Known Traveler Number (KTN). It is comprised of letters and numbers. When booking airline reservations, travelers must enter their number so that it will be printed on their tickets. When the TSA screener sees “TSA Pre-Check” printed on the ticket, he/she will direct those passengers to the TSA Pre-Check line. TSA Pre-Check is valid for a period of five years and is allowed for domestic flights only. For travelers wishing to fly internationally, Global Entry costs an extra $15.00.

With TSA Pre-Check printed on the airline ticket, travelers can pass through airport security in an expedited manner.
With TSA Pre-Check printed on their airline tickets, travelers can pass through airport security in an expedited manner.

Flying post-9/11 cannot be more of a chore. Or, does it have to be? Going through security at U.S. airports can be a hassle. Why put up with it? TSA Pre-Check alleviates the frustration. No more having to take off shoes, socks, belts, and removing laptop computers! Whether traveling for pleasure or business, frustration and anguish should never be a part of anyone’s trip. Undoing clothing and opening bags after spending valuable time preparing for a trip is enough to make a traveler’s head spin. Being enrolled in the TSA Pre-Check program avoids this nightmare. The TSA Pre-Check program is the best $85.00 investment travelers can make. It is a five-year investment which travelers will be delighted to have. Travelers can easily and conveniently pass through airport security and proceed to their flights without having their nerves rattled. Enrolling in TSA Pre-Check begins at visiting Indentogo.com. It saves time. It saves travelers’ energy. Most-of-all, and at best, it spares travelers’ sanity.

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