It’s finally Fall, and the travel bug couldn’t be buzzing any louder. The trees are beginning to turn colors, shedding their florescent green to the blazing orange, yellow, and red. With the colors of Fall coming into focus, so should the red, white, and blue of Amtrak. In the previous article, it couldn’t have been more vital to pin-point the priority of bringing along additional nourishment on all-day long-distance Amtrak journeys. Whether the ride is seven, nine, or fourteen hours, taking along an assortment of healthy food items to last the journey is worthwhile. The café car does offer a wealth of choices. Yes, café car supplies can run low, depending on the frequency of what’s often sold on a trip-to-trip basis. However, the café car is the place to find the most desired items to keep passengers fed on any journey. What are Amtrak passengers’ favorites on the café car menu? Long behold, the account of the top appetite-satisfying favorites.

There is no better start to the day on board any Amtrak train than breakfast. The selection of breakfast items is an eye-opener to many Amtrak passengers. Among the breakfast favorites are the sausage, egg, and cheese bialy. It’s a breakfast sandwich! Another option is the bacon and cheese egg bites. Two other simple choices are the Kodiak maple oatmeal and the bagel with cream cheese. Sounds like an exciting start to the day, yes? Passengers must note that supplies are known to run low, so it’s best to get them while they’re ‘hot’.

“Rolling along”, comes lunchtime. Should passengers board an Amtrak train midday, the lunchtime hot selections on the café car menu are sure to please. Has anyone tried the cheese Stromboli with marinara sauce? It may be heated up in the nuker, but it is among passengers’ favorites. Skimming through the list, passengers will come across the classic grilled cheese and the cheddar mac & cheese. For noodle lovers, the cup of noodles is always a satisfying hot item on the menu. The Hebrew National all-beef hot dog, well, passengers often pass on that one. Who likes nuked hot dogs? Should Amtrak feature a roller roaster on board its café cars, hot dogs will be a more satisfying meal item. That’s why in the previous article, a pretzel dog from Auntie Anne’s works best. However passengers must remember that when changing engines in cities like Philadelphia or Washington, DC, it’s “grab and go” time.

On any Amtrak journey, what’s a visit to the café car without those satisfying snacks? There are plenty of snack favorites on the café car menu to peruse through. On any late afternoon or evening trip, there is one snack choice that is undoubtedly sure to please-the cheese & cracker tray. Making it an even more satisfying experience, the cheese & cracker tray can’t go down any better without a miniature bottle of Cavit Pinot Grigio. There are other choices on the snack list, but the cheese & cracker tray is a true keeper. Speaking of wine, Amtrak offers an assortment of wine, beer, and spirits to chase down any meal or snack. Passengers should treat themselves to two other great wines-LaMarca Prosecco and Line 39. Amtrak also has an array of beer favorites available including Stella Artois, Michelob Ultra, and Blue Moon. A good choice of beer always brings the perfect culmination to a day on the rails.

There is simply no better way to travel than by train. Candidly, there is no better way to travel than via Amtrak. Fall is officially underway. Gazing at the blazing Fall colors passing outside the window is a treat like no other. Speaking of treats, the café car is certainly the place to be during any journey. From tasty breakfast bites, to continental breakfast items, to lunchtime palette pleasers, to light snacks, and refreshing beverages, the café car is the place to be. Avid Amtrak travelers are known to have their favorites on the café car menu. The café car is the passengers’ “go-to” for meals on wheels. Even though passengers are welcomed to bring aboard additional nourishment for long journeys, the extensive menu signifies that they’re in good hands. The cafe car not only carries passenger’s favorites, it’s every passenger’s ticket to satisfaction. No matter how long the journey may be, the café car is every Amtrak passenger’s trusted source of indulgence.

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