It’s August. The summer has blown by, hasn’t it? Just because it’s August doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the sun tan lotion, winterize the swimming pool, and cover up the outdoor furniture. The cruising tradition still continues. There will still be memorable sail away parties on the open deck. There will still be pictures with the captain and his/her senior officers during the formal night. Yes, there will still be plenty of poolside memories to capture. Whether with the family, a significant other, or just capturing still photographs of the sunset, cruise memories are indeed valuable. Did somebody say “capture”? What captures cruise memories better than the appropriate camera? As long as cruisers pack the right camera, their cruise moments will be unforgettable. What types of camera is appropriate for cruises?

Yes, capturing great cruise memories all begins with the appropriate camera. It seems that everyone wants to impress their friends and family back home. Yes, they want to take plenty of still photographs and video footage with the latest cutting edge camera. It’s all about the camera! What type of camera out there is ideal for cruising? Everyone’s used a regular camera. Whether it’s point-and-shoot, or has some fancy view finder, or captures continuously in high speed, cameras make it all happen. It’s not just “those” cameras that make cruise memories happen. Specifically, cruise memories are never possible without sneaky technology. There’s never a shortage of cameras that are capable of the unthinkable. Imagine a couple about to get in line for the water slide on the pool deck. She wants to be captured sitting down and waiting for the lifeguard to give her the green light. Then, he records her sliding down. Shortly later, she captures him starting his ride down. Then, she records him splashing down and vice versa. In between, they stake still photographs to compliment the video footage. A memorable afternoon on board, yes? So, what type of camera makes all of this possible? On Amazon, cruisers should look no further than the Lenofocus Minibody Camera. For $39.99, it’s a must have for pool deck activities and shoreside action. The link is

Recording video and shooting still photographs on a cruise is fun stuff, right? Of course it is! However, there are some cruises which doing either isn’t so easy. There are the Bliss Cruise and the Bare-Necessities cruise. Both charter cruises are clothing optional. The Bliss Cruise is for ages 21 and older, while the Bare-Necessities cruise is for ages 18 and older. How does one capture video and still photographs on cruises like these, without raising question or alarm amongst fellow guests? Capturing still photographs and video footage out in public on the open decks gets complicated. Yes, it gets dicey. There are places where clothing is required, and places where guests are allowed to disrobe; preferably the sun deck and the pool deck. The open decks are a haven for sun worshippers and full tan seekers. It is imperative that privacy is respected in this situation.

Rest assured-cruisers can still capture video footage and still photographs without having to tip-toe. Yes, respecting others’ privacy goes a long way. However, it doesn’t have to come at the price of tip-toeing and trying not to get caught. It’s paramount to avoid that. So, what kind of camera is ideal for the Bliss Cruise and Bare-Necessities cruise? Cruisers should look no further than considering the Firstoy Hidden Camera Cap. At a price of $42.99, it is perfect for recording the action. Best of all, no one’s privacy is being invaded. Another camera that’s ideal for both cruises is the Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker. Cruisers can enjoy music while capturing still photographs and video footage. Everyone on deck is impressed at this little remote speaker keeping someone entertained. What they don’t realize is that it’s capturing still photographs and video footage without disrupting anyone’s privacy. When is a camera not a camera? Has anyone pictured a camera inside a crucifix pendant? Cruisers can find them both on Amazon! The links are; Has anyone brought along a pair of binoculars on a cruise? Binoculars come with cameras too! At $49.99, bird watching and people watching just got a whole lot easier. The Amazon link is×42-Binoculars-Adults-Lightweight-Waterproof.

August is nearly over. Even though summer is nearing its conclusion, another season is just around the corner. The 2023-24 cruising season is about to begin. Everyone’s looking forward to getting away from the chilly and cold weather, and enjoying the warm weather in the Caribbean. With the cruising season drawing near, now is the right time to start shopping for the ideal camera to make cruise memories come to life. Not only does a cutting-edge camera make memories come to life, but these same memories can be cherished over and over again. From a clip on camera, to a camera embedded in a baseball cap, to a hidden camera inside a Bluetooth speaker, to wearing a pair of binoculars with a built-in camera, the sky is the limit. Yes, having a good time comes with rules. Whenever it comes to taking still still photographs and video, there is technology available to capture memories without invading privacy. Cruise memories come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. As long as the proper camera is purchased and used in the right place and right time, valuable memories are guaranteed to be had by all.

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