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Winter travel: Be prepared, be healthy, and stay warm!

Has anyone thought this winter would be this frigid? For more than a month, the temperatures in the northeastern United States have been dipping close to zero. The wind chill has made these near-zero temperatures feel five times colder. For those who are looking forward to traveling during these frigid winter months, there’s plenty to …

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A two-ring circus: The “I do’s” and “I don’ts” of wedding travel

A wedding!  It is the happiest day for two individuals.  It is the happiest moment for two families.  It is the moment when two become one.  The champagne is on ice, there’s a monster-size cake, and everyone is dressed to the nines.  Ultimately, it is the day on which everyone is sharing in a memorable …

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It’s official: New Amtrak lecture is complete and “rolling”.

This January 2015, I added to my writing repertoire by doing a lecture on cruising. Out of my experience working at the NY area cruise terminals and my travel writing came my program, “Cruising: Making Waves & Sense”. It is geared toward novice cruisers and those seeking helpful hints for future cruises. It has been …