As the country continues to make progress exiting from the COVID pandemic, transitioning to endemicity, there’s still much improvement in the wings. In Walt Disney World, there are plenty of desired changes to be made. Guests by the millions can’t be happier not to be required to wear masks indoors. One can hear the millions of sighs of relief. To Disney’s valued guests, there are much more changes expected. There are the changes that Disney itself aims to make in the near future. There too are the changes that guests hope will be made for the very best. What are they? The list goes beyond dreams and wishes. The list is more than what guests hope and dream about. The list is about their hopes and desires coming true.

5. Ease up on park admission ticket prices! Does anyone know how much a ticket to the first Super Bowl cost? Submitted for your approval-how about $18.00. How much did park admission to the Magic Kingdom cost in the early 1970s? How about $3.50! A lot has changed since then! During the pandemic, Disney had to work in accordance with COVID guidelines, imposing crowd limits. Well, things are now operating nearly 100% normal as they were pre-COVID. So, why must park tickets of all types cost more than a stock portfolio? The guess is good as anyone else’s. Families want to have fun and make great memories together. They shouldn’t have to ration their budgets, and limiting themselves to what they can do and cannot do on the Walt Disney World Resort property. There’s so much to enjoy, especially in the parks. With newly opened attractions, such as “Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind” and “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure”, and “Tron Lightcycle Run” soon to open, guests have to pay an arm and a leg? Disney really should put on their ‘thinking ears’ and put themselves in the guests’ shoes “For the first time in forever”.

4. Provide guests more transportation options! Transportation on the Walt Disney World Resort property isn’t as simple as it was 50 years ago. That’s easy to say! There are still areas on the property which aren’t as well-served by Disney Transport buses, Friendship water taxis, monorails, and the Skyliner. For example, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is right next door to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There is no choice of transportation available in between Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The only modes of transportation guests have are a $25.00 ride in a Lyft Minnie Van or a Disney Transport bus. There’s no boat shuttle or Skyliner connecting the two. This is definitely a guest transportation issue that needs to be immediately addressed. Without Disney’s Magical Express, transportation can’t me more challenging. Disney needs to think deeply! Here’s some power food for thought. Disney needs to step on Brightline’s toes and get them to expedite the construction of the Disney resort line, to allow guests a faster and more enjoyable ride to and from Orlando International Airport. If Cinderella needed a faster option of going to the ball, it’s a no-brainer. She’ll definitely take the Brightline!

3. Reinstate the Disney Dining Plan! The Disney Dining Plan has been a successful service. With a variety of Disney Dining Plan packages, guests are allotted ‘x’ amount of snacks, ‘x’ amount of counter service meals, and ‘x’ amount of sit-down dining choices. What on Earth is Disney waiting for regarding reinstating the Disney Dining Plan? The crowds are nearly back to 100% capacity levels. What’s the issue? What’s the wait? Are things not perfect enough? Are they doing some kind of study to determine when? The time is NOW. Guests are long hungry for this service returning. Not only are they hungry, but they are flagrantly famished! The reinstatement of the Disney Dining Plan is the kind of change that all guests are entitled to. Purchasing all those scrumptious snacks such as pretzels and popcorn without worrying about how much they’re paying every time, is an experience all guests cannot wait any longer to enjoy. The reinstatement of the Disney Dining Plan must happen NOW. The now’er the better.

2. Instate a park capacity cut-off time! What is Disney waiting for regarding park capacity? With Florida theme parks reaching their pre-COVID capacity numbers, as if the pandemic never happened, what is the hold up? Disney likes to keep things under control. There’s nothing wrong with that! There are resort guests, and there are guests visiting from outside the property, who aren’t staying in one of Disney’s incredible resort hotels. Disney can do the right thing right here and now, by instating a park capacity cut-off time for non-resort guests. Not only is is a good idea, it’s a change that would will wonders. It’s acceptable, it’s feasible, and above all-plausible. Resort guests can venture in and out of the parks at their leisure, and can park hop all they want. Controlling the numbers of non-resort guests would be a huge plus, giving the nod to resort guests. Resort guests pay good money to enjoy all that the resort has to offer. A park capacity cut-off time will enable the parks and their dedicated cast members to better assist guests in all aspects. Disney cast members devote a great amount of time an and energy to entertaining and accommodating guests on a daily basis. A park capacity cut-off time for the non-resort guests would make their lives easier, as for resort guests, too. Not only that-a park capacity cut-off time would cut down on the parking issues at the Transportation & Ticket Center, and all parking facilities resort-wise. That’s what the happiest place on earth should and must do to become happy again.

1. Drop the park reservation requirement! When on Earth is this headache going to end? Of course, Disney had to control crowd numbers in accordance with COVID guidelines. That’s easier done than said. Disney knew they had to do so, and they came through by doing so. With the COVID pandemic very much in the rear view mirror, what’s the need for the park reservation requirement? With the park reservation requirement still in effect, it’s doing more harm than good. Guests who wish to enjoy a good family dinner experience in the park, have to make reservations at that restaurant, of course. But, they have to make a park reservation too? Multiply that times 5 in a one-week stay. That’s too much for one family to bear! Enough is enough! A Walt Disney World Resort vacation isn’t as simple as it was thirty years ago. But, it didn’t have to be so complicated, and above all…so frustrating. The frustration needs to end sometime. The park reservation requirement must be dropped N-O-W. For the sake of the guests’ sanity and enjoyment, the park reservation requirement is a tired approach which must be put to bed. The Walt Disney World Resort wasn’t meant to function on such temporary measures. The park reservation requirement is one temporary measure that has outlived its necessity. It has made it difficult for guests to park hop. Guests cannot hop from one park to another until after 2 pm. This is insane! Normalcy has very much settled in, and Disney should return to normalcy too. The Walt Disney World Resort was built to operate on guests forging fond and valuable moments every day. It’s what Walt Disney himself envisioned. For all-time sake, his guest service model should never be ignored. Above all, his vision should be kept in the forefront always.

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