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Quantum cruising: Royal Caribbean’s greatest leap yet

For more than 40 years, Royal Caribbean International has had the pleasure of WOWing millions of cruise passengers. From its top-notch on board service, to its world class on board cuisine, Royal Caribbean has provided that unforgettable experience for all to treasure. From belly-flop competitions, to on board ice rinks, to having an aqua show …

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Mansion mania: Newport, a living symbol of New England history

If you could think of all of the historic towns you could visit, many come to mind.  There’s Colonial Williamsburg,VA, Old Sturbridge Village, MA, Saratoga Springs, NY, and Hershey, PA.  Every one of these towns share a great assortment of historic techniques, traditions, customs, and depict the old style way of life which we as …

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Avoiding pick pockets: European travelers could use a “lift”

There are thousands who have traveled to Europe.  Also, there are some who enjoy traveling to European countries on a yearly basis.  I have been to Europe five times.  In 1994, I traveled on a twelve-day high school bus tour through five countries, including a two and a half hour ferry ride across the English …