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Amtrak fares: Traveling in style, with value

With summer vacation officially underway, it’s time for the traveling to begin. Traveling by train during the summer months cannot be more pleasurable. Whether traveling short or long-distance, Amtrak makes the journey not just pleasurable, but affordable. During the summer months, everyone wants to travel at the lowest fare without spending an arm and a …

Amtrak Long-distance travel

Long-distance thinking: An Amtrak rider’s overnight survival guide

Taking Amtrak to any United States destination is the ultimate traveling experience. As opposed to flying, traveling by train cannot be a more relaxing way to go anywhere. In fact, taking the train is the smarter way to go. Everyone has taken Amtrak one time or another. Some have traveled on Amtrak often. Boston, Washington, …


Changing engines: Love and rail travel coupled together

Traveling by train is the most relaxing way to travel from one city to another. It sure beats driving, and sure beats bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways. Taking the train relieves all of the stress, and allows any traveler the opportunity to appreciate the great scenery outside the window. From the point of departure, to …