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The neverending challenges of the cruise line check-in staff

With the cruising industry slowly returning to service after suspending sailings due to the Coronavirus, there is much anticipation about who will be sailing when. For months on end, millions of guests have been anxiously waiting for this moment. Guests are indeed excited to get back to sailing the high seas. The cruise terminal check-in …

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Cruise lines introduce virtual muster drill

A cruise vacation is the most anticipated experience for anyone. Whether one has sailed twice, five times, or twenty times, sailing day is a momentous occasion. Before sailing, guests are instructed to attend the muster drill. All guests are required to attend the muster drill in accordance with International Maritime Law and the maritime safety …

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The Disney standards and Coronavirus

Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland-Paris, Disneyland-Tokyo, and Disney Cruise Line operations are currently out of service until the Coronavirus pandemic has dissipated. Both the Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland resorts are  closed until further notice. Who doesn’t look forward to a Disney vacation? No matter which Disney resort, or whatever the occasion may be for …


Monumental Washington DC Restaurants

Washington, DC is the nation’s capital. Ultimately, it’s the nerve center of the United States’s political, governmental, and military power. Washington, DC is more than the country’s stronghold of politics, government, and military power. There is a lot more to this vibrant area than what meets the eye. It is home to the world-renowned Smithsonian …

Bay Head NJ Beach

New Jersey Shore goers: The summer season cheat sheet

The chills of winter are dying down. Spring is finally here! Though there’s still a bit of a cool chill in the air, the time as again finally arrived. Summer time! When it’s summer time, New Jersey Shore time! Whether dreaming of the young crowd’s paradise of Seaside Heights, tranquil Bay Head, the friendly confines…

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The cruise vacation cheat sheet

Winter time is cruising time. The outside temperatures have hit uncomfortable and painful all-time lows. With that in mind, everyone wishes they would be someplace far warmer. That’s very true. Whether it’s The Bahamas, the eastern or western Caribbean, or the Hawaiian islands, the warm weather cannot be a more appropriate surrounding. What better way …